Ravage – Chasing Tail, Part 3

Step 2, Unscrew Rear

Barring Sunstreaker (or because of him, rather), how many of my toys have asked Ratchet about that command line?

Alright, alright. So first, we’re going to remove the tail itself. To do this, we can’t just yank it out because a pin is holding it in there pretty tight. We’ll have to rearrange some parts to get the screws, but-


Streaker, you do know that Ravage is a pussy, right?



Don’t look so glum. Maybe I’ll-


Give me that screwdriver!

Freakin horny bots.


Now, if there’s not going to be any more interruptions…

*looks around*



Okay, so-




Hotshot… Go tell Sunstreaker and Norman you want a pineapple jam.

“yUm JaAm!”

And now for something completely different, taking something out of Ravage’s ass. Unscrew the two screws in the side of Ravage’s back end in order to separate the halves. As you can see in the following picture, you’ll have to fold the hip joint out of the way.


That may look unfamiliar to some of you, but don’t worry, that’s just part of the transformation for Ravage’s fabled alt mode. Legends tell that if you do see it, it may be only once.

I’ve got my theories, though. I’d say that if you fold the cannons back they look more like thrusters and improve the look, but modern scientists stubbornly refuse to acknowledge this.

Don’t even bother mentioning the Samurai mode!

Once you’ve got the parts unscrewed, just carefully pull apart the back end and then remove the tail. Before we set the tail aside for tomorrow’s step, let’s do a quick modification to the top of Ravage’s rump.

I’ve seen a few people mention cutting a huge v section out of this, including some of the spikes. Don’t do it! It makes an unsightly hole where the huge chunk of Ravage’s ass is cut out, and you’re losing spikes as well.

Instead, all you need to cut out is a small bit of plastic. Really, you don’t need to do it at all, but I’d highly recommend it. This guide’s all about increasing his tail’s articulation, after all.

Because it’s not necessary I’m not giving it a separate step. Instead, now’s the most convenient time to do it so I’m including it under this step. It was actually the last step of the mod that I did, but that’s just because I didn’t notice the need for it until then.

So let’s start out with a couple of pictures!





You see what happened? There’s a rectangle that’s been neatly cut out. Most of the cut was on the left section, with a little on the right. The end of the rectangle goes just under the base of the spike, and the hole is wide enough for the tail to swivel up more.

Put the halves back together with the tail attached to test it. If you go by that guide, you shouldn’t need to do too many adjustments.

Come back tomorrow for part 4 and step 3 of Ravage- Chasing Tail!

“WhY mY tAiLpIpE hUrT?”

~Matt Booker

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