Ravage – Chasing Tail, Part 5

A challenger approaches! It’s another post in the ultimate Ravage tail mod guide!

Step 4, Obtain Twist Tie!

Well, go get one.

Do you know what I mean by ‘twist tie’? They’re plastic coated wires of very high durability, used to infuriate thieves and impatient toy collectors by holding toys tightly in their plastic packages.

Starting to see the basis of the mod now? Ravage is going to have a bendy tail of sorts. The way it will be set up, he’ll have the equivalent of a ball joint at every section!

Depending on how long your tail is going to be, you’ll need a twist tie that’s about 1.5 times longer. I added five pieces from a second Ravage’s tail (three to replace the ones removed in the last step, and two to make it a little longer). Even with that length, Ravage comes packaged with two twist ties that are just long enough to use.

If you need something longer, or have thrown away the twist ties already, here are a few tips. Try to find a sturdy one. Not all twist ties are the same, and though leader class tfs might have ones the right length that doesn’t mean they’ll be very sturdy. You don’t want one that’s stiff as a board, but you don’t want it too soft. Look for a durable one!

The nice thing about using a tf twist tie is that it’s got a plastic coating on it, reducing the threat of breakage that comes from just using a regular wire.

But what about breakage?

Well I don’t want to go through all this if I can’t pose the thing for fear of the tail breaking, so that’s why we’re using the plastic coated (sturdy!) twist tie.

That’s also why I’ve designed this mod so that the twist tie is easily replaceable. Once you’ve done the hard work, should you ever want to replace the wire it’s easy! We’ll get to that in a later step, though.

Also, wires become weakened much more from repeated sharp bends, and both the plastic coating and the tail itself will keep this from being an issue.

Kind of a short step today, but some of you may not obsessively save your twist ties. If you don’t, you should start! They’re handy!

Come back tomorrow for Part 6 and Step 5 of Ravage- Chasing Tail!

~Matt Booker

5 thoughts on “Ravage – Chasing Tail, Part 5

  1. I really want to do this….. if I can find a ravage. >_>

    what twistties to use that come with ravage?


  2. He comes with several, but the two that’ll work will be the ones holding his body in place. The ones attached to his legs and tail will be too short.

    You’ll see once you get one. :)

    ~Matt Booker

  3. Good thing I keep twist ties to make home made bendy webs for my numerous Spidey figures. I also keep the little clear rubber bands. They’re useful for make GI Joe and other small figures hold their stuff.

  4. I save mine for the jewlry, this step is no problemo.

    monty you should make a giant life size web from them, itd be super sweet for cosplay.

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