Ravage – Chasing Tail, Part 6

Welcome back to the penultimate post of the ultimate Ravage tail mod guide!

Step 5, Why modders should own a pin vise.

Next up we have to drill a hole through each of the regular sections. Here’s where a pin vise comes in handy. You need something to hold a small drill bit, and a drill is probably going to be to much to use for something as small and precise as what needs to be done for this mod.

I didn’t have a pin vise handy, but I did have a set of small drill bits that are designed to fit into a screwdriver (the kind with removable tips). The part that fits into the screwdriver was big enough to be a convenient handle and the smallest bit I had was a 1/16th, which just so happens to be the size of (or just a little bit bigger than) a twist tie!

Drill right down the middle of the rounded section.

If this part scares you, keep in mind that if you’re a little off it’s okay. You heard me. I didn’t get it exactly in the middle each time, and any section that’s a little off to the side won’t be noticeable amidst all the awesome of a fully articulated tail. Honest!

And if jealous friends do meticulously find a flaw, tell them it’s ‘realistically styled with asymmetrical details.’ That’ll learn em!

Not to forget the visual learners among my readers, here’s a helpful picture showing during drilling, and after shots of front and back.

Notice how I drilled from the back of the tail piece. It’s much easier to get started with the hole and align the bit when you go from the flat back of the tail section. You’ll want try for a hole in the center of the round part on the back that comes out through the tip on the front. If you’ve used a 1/16th drill bit you’ll have a somewhat snug fit when it comes time to assemble the tail.


Do that for all the regular pieces, leaving the one at the tip (with the ball joint and barbed piece) and the one at the base (the one that connects it to his butt) for the next step.

You heard me, come back tomorrow for Part 7 and Step 6 of Ravage- Chasing Tail!

~Matt Booker

4 thoughts on “Ravage – Chasing Tail, Part 6

  1. Just remember to use a 1/16th bit. It’s just barely bigger than a twist tie, and will provide a nice fit.

    ~Matt Booker

  2. I saw a pin vise in a hobby shop and they wanted like $20 for one!! Thanks for the links dude.

  3. HA HA I already had a pin vise! but ouch Matt why do all of your mods hurt my fingers? at least theyre not cut this time.


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