Post Post Celebration

“Hello… Anybody here?”

Yeah, I’m here.

“AH HA! You’ve been neglecting us.”


Oh, well… something came up.

“And I didn’t notice? Sheah…”


“Nothing gets by me. I’m practically a ninja- in red, cause I’m hard like that.”


“What could be more important than snarky ol’ meURK!

“Whoah there big fellah!”

Yeah. That came up.

“You mean you got five new kitties for me to ride and you didn’t tell me?!

… It’s Voltron.

“So… No kitty rides?”

No. And they’re lions.

“But, they don’t have manes.”

Well, maybe they’re-

“They look more like tigers. Or cougars.”

They’re Japanese. They don’t know how to draw anatomy. Have you ever seen anime boobs?

“Boy, have I!

They look like torpedoes!

“And they can sink my battleship anytime.”

I’m not sure if that makes sense.


“And here I thought you took some time off because of your 100th post.”

Well, that too. The last post of the Ravage tail mod guide just so happened to be my 100th.

“Soooooo…… No post 100th post celebration?”

… It’s Voltron.

“I don’t know, still seems kind of lame for a post.”

I pre-ordered you a Deadpool mini-mate.

“You’re forgiven!”


“You think there’s a mini Princess in the blue one?”

~Matt Booker

19 thoughts on “Post Post Celebration

  1. I preordered Deadpool (and Wolverine) and Gambit (and Psylocke) for about $10 per set on

    ~Matt Booker

  2. New post!!


    Ive got no minimates, how are they?

    and again




  3. Google is there for a reason dude. Dicast or plastic masterpiece voltron.

    Totally not into Voltron but I gotta get in on that mini Deadpool! =)

  4. is that the plastic version or the metal version? i like deadpools eyes in that picture, but where did you get that small captain america shield is it from the legends figures?

  5. Thanks Bumblegirl!

    Voltron is the plastic version. It’s a better quality, not so heavy he falls over constantly, not so heavy that there’s joint problems, and there’s no diecast to cause paint chipping issues.

    Also it was $50 for it vs $150 for the diecast version.

    Deadpool’s shield is from a Marvel Universe Captain America.

    ~Matt Booker

  6. Thank you. I will buy one of those asap.

    But how are minimates? monty dont you collect them too??


  7. Matt: $10 is a bit much for Minimates, now matter how awesome they are. Especially considering I have contacts in TRU that will hold stuff for me indefinitely if they’re able to get it before it’s on shelves.

    Grimlock: They are awesome. All the fun of Legos, but well articulated and painted. There’s a lot of different types as well. Marvel, Star Trek, DC, Ghostbusters, BSG, etc.

  8. $10 is a bit much for a two pack? Where are you getting yours?

    I don’t buy them very often, but the last two pack I got was from TRU and was about $8-$9.

    ~Matt Booker

  9. I should also add that no stores near me sell minimates. :/ The preorder option was pretty much my only sure bet.

    The nearest TRU is a couple of hours away, and usually they don’t have ones I’m interested in. (Last time they actually did, so I got a set with Classic Iron-Man and Mark I War Machine.)

    ~Matt Booker

  10. Having looked around a bit more, I’ve found some good sales online for about $6-$7 a two pack.

    But now I want to buy them. *shakes fist at internet*

    ~Matt Booker

  11. I’m going to pretend like your Voltron is some sort of payback for my Deadpool and Ravage and Animated Twins and etc. because I posted about buying the toy first.

    Mind you, your post was a lot more fun than mine, but whatever.

    USD prices make me feel like I paid so much more than you did. In fact, I’m pretty sure 99AUD is a small-to-decent sum greater than 50USD in the current economic climate. So basically I hate you. :D

    But isn’t the toy just brilliant? I still love the way you handle Deadpool. You should seriously replace Way as the current writer for his solo – or at least for Deadpool’s dialogue. Though, Quesada would probably just rape you and your writing wit write up the behind with his editorial mandates and Dark Reign.

  12. Matt: They’re $6.99 at TRU and $7.99 at the comic shops here, but i get a 10% discount at one of the comic shops.

    Esoteric: Ryan Sohmer (Writer of the webcomics Least I Could Do and Looking For Group) has made it a goal to write Deadpool.

  13. Marvel AND DC in the same toyline?!!!?! oh man i looked around and i need to get some minimates now!

    shakes fist at monty python lol


  14. GBG they even made a lego like building series for dc called c3!

    they never stayed together though

  15. The sets are crap compared to lego dude the blocks fell apart.

    they might still make the line all the minimates have c3 holes on their feet.

  16. Esoteric, I’ve been wanting him since I found out they made a plastic version, but your post did hasten the purchase. ;)

    I’m glad you like my incarnation of Deadpool. :D He’ll show up every now and then.

    Also, it’s hilarious that Joe Quesada is marvel’s big cheese.

    Monty, that sounds about right. My wallet tends to over estimate on odd purchases to keep me from buying them again.

    ~Matt Booker

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