Activate Interlock! Dynotherms connected! Infracells up! Megathrusters are go!

So Masterpiece Voltron is pretty sweet, but I noticed some very disturbing things about it.

Very disturbing.

So of course I thought I’d scar show you, dear readers.

Those cat owners among you will immediately recognize this particular behavior…

What would even make that itch? Space rust? And the damage to the landscape! I’m pretty sure they must’ve had a water cannon mounted on one of the castle turrets…

Voltron also has some very interesting connection methods. The legs have a flap that folds inward so the black lion can insert the lower part of his legs, and the arms are on a simple peg system.

A simple peg system that has a flip out protrusion between the red and green lions’ legs.

Yes. Voltron’s arms are attached by kitty penis.

This leads to some rather awkward attempts at finding new ways to form Voltron…


Oookay. One girl on the team must- Wha?

Yellow Lion! What’s wrong boy?


Norman… I hope Hunk likes pineapple.


A new low, or good laugh?

~Matt Booker

10 thoughts on “The MOAR You Know – VOLTRON

  1. Oh gods, that Yellow Lion/Norman pic was even funnier than I dreamed!

    If I had to split hairs, I’d say the new low is not in the post itself, but earning the phrase “I googled goatse” in the comments.

    However, it’s a brilliant new low. I mean, you already rickrolled your own blog, so it could only go down… with style! Till all are meme’d! …or words to that effect, right?

  2. Thanks everybody. :D

    And poor Grim… never google goatse unless you’re doing it to scar a friend.

    Schlecki, I’m a little worried that MP Voltron is on your list after this post… It’s because of how articulated the lions look, right? :)

    (He’s quite badass, btw. Check out Esoteric’s post about it. It’s an actual review, not just kitty porn.)

    And Bumblegirl, the Black Lion forms the head, and that was just too inappropriate to post pictures of.

    ~Matt Booker

  3. I would have gone for a “give me your face” joke on the black lion. Either that or a “don’t just stand there and let him EAT me!”

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