ROTF Jolt – Head Fix

Jolt! If ever there was a tf that could benefit from some well placed leds, Jolt would be it. Even with all the lost paint apps on the final toy, some internal leds could really light up that mostly hollow and very translucent blue chest.

This guide is not about that, though. This guide isn’t even so much as a guide as it is a suggestion with a couple of quick tips.

Unmodded, Jolt’s a nice figure as is. He’s very posable, doesn’t have excessive kibble and what’s there is hinged to move easily so there’s nothing getting in the way, he goes into alt mode easy, and his transformation is not difficult but still interesting.

In addition, the hinged kibble makes for a very malleable bot mode, letting you configure his toes in a way that you prefer, and even putting the doors on ball joints and swivel hinges. Personally, I’d advise putting the doors up in a sort of ‘v’ formation. It’s easy to see an electrical arc as it shimmies and sparks between the ‘v’ of his backpack.

And while the leds would be pretty cool, I like him well enough as is. Most of my guides are to fix something that really bothers me, so maybe I’ll do some leds eventually. For now, there’s really only one thing about Jolt that bothered me.

It’s that huge gray triangle behind his head. Go on, take a look over at I’m actually glad they didn’t go with that red paint, but the main thing to look at in that picture is the gray triangle behind his head. It sits so close that although it’s on a ball joint, Jolt’s head can’t move.

But hey, that triangle doesn’t really have a purpose in either mode so just cut it off. Yes, I’m well aware that several people have already talked about it (haven’t seen any guides, though), and so far people haven’t mentioned one fairly important part- where to cut.

Seems like it should be obvious, doesn’t it? Unscrew the gray back part from his torso, pull it off, cut the triangle off.

However, don’t just cut off the triangle. See that base piece in the middle? So far people aren’t mentioning it, and I’ve seen quite a few examples where they cut it off along with the triangle. If you do that, Jolt’s head will still be attached but the base of his neck will look odd.

If you need instructions on how to cut the plastic, see some of my other guides. Once you have the basic idea, the main thing is to make sure you cut and not break the plastic. I made quick work of it with a sharp pair of flush cutters, flush side facing the part you want to keep (not the gray triangle.)

It seems like most people who mod their tfs and own a Jolt have done this, but I wanted to clarify some things on it. (Plus I’ve been planning on doing this to Jolt and I only recently got one [thanks to HTS].)


Jolt comes highly recommended. He might seem a bit plain at first glance, but he’s very articulate, has a very customizable look thanks to some positionable kibble, and though the whips look more like blades, since when are arm blades a bad thing?

Present company excepted, Deadpool.

“Thanks m’man! Sometimes it sucks being self aware of other media.”


“At least Marvel’s comic division won’t sell me out.”


Well, about that… Hey look, it’s Jolt!

“You know I hate yahoo. That better be a rickroll…”


“The quenchmaker!”

Fact- Jolt is actually Arcee’s brother.

“Oh really?”

Yup. Jolt and Arcee Cola.

“Wow. Now that’s classy.”

You’re welcome.

~Matt Booker

10 thoughts on “ROTF Jolt – Head Fix

  1. How do you know they’re siblings and not married? Or possibly pulling the Buster & Babs Bunny (no relation) bit?

    Actually… in the movie the motorcycles are the Arcee triplets, suggesting that if TFs followed human surname conventions, hers would be Arcee Arcee.

    I find it highly amusing that Jolt just received more time in your blog than he did in the movie.

  2. I picked up Jolt on a whim/had not bought anything in about a month+ and was surprised that he is a great figure. I’m going to add some paint app’s to his face so he won’t look like he just ate a can alum/sucked down a lemon slice. That was my only real gripe other than the “whips” but I can deal with that honestly.

    I’ll be doing the mod on my next day off so he can look more like a Autobot and less like a pharaoh.

    Mousepool, the mouse with a mouth. Does that make Walt himself the new Cable? Elian!!!!

  3. I didn’t cut the triangle off, I just shaved the front part of it down so that it still has the look, but has 360 posability.

  4. I personally leave Jolt’s toes like they are from vehicle mode, as opposed to how the instructions have it. The connector tab from the right bumper half makes it sit a little odd otherwise, and I’d rather not remove that tab.

    That aside, that triangle… thing will be gone from my Jolt eventually.

  5. That’s interesting, drew. Any pics?

    Detective Barricade, I’ve debated the toe position and it looks good either way, but eventually I was swayed by the way I have it now because he’s already got an almost ‘super pants’ look, and the toes fit the theme. :)

    I snipped that tab off, btw. The bumper is no longer tight in alt mode, but it’s not by much.

    ~Matt Booker

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