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Repaints! If you listen to some, they’re the bane of the completest toy collector, and proof that HasTak is an uncaring, corporate vampire out to drain your wallet dry. If you listen to others, repaints are a sign that HasTak loves us, and like that dreamy sparkly kid in biology they only want a taste of what’s in your pants.

“You’re still talking about the wallet, right?”

Huh? Oh, yeah… *sigh*





“Yeah, yeah. I’ma go get some more vanilla soft serve from the twins.”

Skids and Mudflap?

“Internet porn.”

Back on topic, I think the truth about repaints is somewhere in the middle of that. HasTak is out to make money, but they do that with happy customers. Repaints (or rather, redecos, since they’re cast in a different color plastic instead of just having the paint redone) can be awful or boring (G2 Action Master Thundercracker or yet another concept rotf Bumblebee done in slightly different colors), or can be done in such a way as to evoke another character.

Swerve is proof that a great color scheme and a new head sculpt can make it really seem like a different mold.


Click that picture to see the full version.

There is an issue with Swerve, though. Those of you that own him may have already noticed it, and it’s a problem that seems to be absent from all the reviews I’ve read about him. His head can barely move.  Sideswipe’s head wasn’t exactly that mobile, but at least it could fully look from side to side. Between Swerve’s pharaoh chin and a piece of plastic on his neck base, Swerve’s head can only nudge back and forth in a futile attempt at saying ‘no.’

That better get fixed before he meets Norman and Sunstreaker.

The problem is easily fixed, though, so just like with Jolt this will only be a quick guide. If you have any problems following along, read through the other guides in the index until you have a pretty good understanding of how to cut plastic.

For the rest of you, you might already have done this. Either way, here’s a couple pictures to illustrate, with the part to be chopped off in green.

Just cut that down until it’s flat with the other bits of plastic. Its only purpose would’ve been to ensure the head stays on track as it pops up, but that’s not a big deal (if the head gets misaligned, nudge it and it’ll realign).

To get to that piece, you can work your way around with just popping off the head from the ball joint, but it’s easier to cut if you go the harder way of taking the body apart from the shoulders.  It can be a bit tricky, so here’s a quick reference!

First remove the screws labeled 1. Next remove the pieces labeled 2.  After that, remove the three screws labeled 3, and then pull off the central piece labeled 4.

After that you can remove the part with his arms (not pictured, but it should be obvious if you’re following along with the actual transformer), and then you can easily remove the base that the head sits on and have plenty of room to cut away the extra plastic. Just be sure not to lose the spring.

Shown in that picture is Sideswipe, because I also did the mod to him. He doesn’t really need it, but it does give a bit of improvement to the smoothness at which the head moves.


Also of note is the way I’ve got the feet transformed. I don’t remember who I first saw posting about it, but with the pointy part of the feet to the front both Sideswipe and Swerve have a much easier time posing.

Overall, Sideswipe is better for the character, but Swerve’s deco really brings out the detail in the mold. Plus, look at that picture again. How does that not make you want to buy him?

~Matt Booker

26 thoughts on “ROTF Swerve – Head Fix

  1. Dude. You referenced Twilight. That’s like, -20 Awesome points.

    (Awesome points redeemable at Chuck E. Cheeses and other fine dining establishments. Purchase required to participate. For full rules and information, please Google the Goatse.)

    I haven’t had the time yet to really go over Swerve and decide if his neck bugs me. I put up with so many other flaws on some of these guys that I’m not sure it would be a big deal to me anyway. Still and all, it looks like an easy mod, so I might give it a shot.

  2. It had to be referenced. Once I got on the lines of HasTak=Vampire it naturally progressed into HasTak=Friendly Vampire \ Sparkly Penis Joke. :D

    ~Matt Booker

  3. Ah, so he was. :) And I remember that comic, even.

    I blame the neon.

    And Gobot Grimlock, glad you like the picture.

    ~Matt Booker

  4. I don’t think there’ll be an issue, GBG, as Dave Willis brand coupons are not redeemable here.

    They are also non-refundable.

    For instance, have you seen G2 Squeezeplay?

    ~Matt Booker

  5. Well if you want to get technical, the terms indicate that I have to be complaining about a figure from 1988 being ‘damn g2 shit.’ AMTC is from 1991 and I didn’t use that phrase. :p

    And lol to Willis seeing the picture. I don’t know if he’d get it without the background information, though.

    ~Matt Booker

  6. Monty… couldn’t he just take a picture after he knocks you out for trying to kick him?

    Seriously man, you gotta think these things through. ;)

  7. I dunno, Monty… Matt has biceps that have been built up through strength-training exercises and a diet heavy in bacon.

    Mostly the bacon part. When he puts a headlock on you, it smells like pork, and that’s awesome. But you still don’t want to underestimate the results of his regimen.

  8. “and that’s awesome” – That made the whole thing.

    And I’d rather save the hurting for people I don’t like. So lets get back to better subjects, like sending Willis a cafepress thong with that picture on it. (If someone googles Dave Willis Thong, they’ll end up here. Norman would be happy, at least.)

    ~Matt Booker

  9. What’s hilarious is that this is probably the biggest Google hit for David Willis that he doesn’t actually go to.

    Actually… that’s not hilarious at all. Kinda sad and lame, really. We should really do something about that.

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