If you read reviews of ROTF Jetfire, you’ll hear about how the SR71 Blackbird mode is impressive (it is), how it’s friggin huge (it is), and how it’s basically a robot stuck under a plane (it kind of is).

I say ‘kind of’ because it’s quite a bit of kibble, but it’s not entirely obvious that it’s a robot. He’s more complicated than Silverbolt, but the alt mode is almost completely separate from the robot. If things were detachable, you’d have a Big Convoy situation going on.

The best way to illustrate this? Behold ROTF Jetfire’s gerwalk mode!


It’s basically a hunched over robot that’s hefting a plane. They didn’t even integrate the engines on his legs into the engines on the plane. I would’ve rather had a Jetfire that didn’t combine with Optimus, but I understand why they did it. Really, they could’ve done much worse. They did something ambitious and largely succeeded. Jeftire is articulate, both modes look good, and they still managed to include an electronics box and the humping prime combination gimmick.

~Matt Booker

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  1. After reading “humping Prime” I’m having trouble not seeing the “Gerwalk mode” as two legs and a MASSIVE phallus.

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