The FURY of Fearswoop

Hasbro has released a G1 deco of Powerglide for the Universe \ Classics 2.0 line.

And some people still think they don’t listen!

Okay, so maybe it’s listening to our money, and maybe it’s not always financially best to do what the collector’s want, but they do listen.

Releasing the last few figures of Transformers Animated? They already spent the money on the molds, and they don’t exactly fit in other lines. And who’s to say they didn’t already have them mass produced and boxed up, ready to go?

Yeah, it’s great that they’re going to release them, but don’t let them fool you. They may like that they’re getting released, but it’s a business decision. They’d loose money if they didn’t.

But Powerglide? The mold already had a regular release, and a redeco as Stormcloud. They didn’t have to make a G1 deco. Collectors could always buy Henkei if they wanted a red Powerglide, and the character hasn’t been used since G1 (aside from cameos in TFA) so kids aren’t clamoring for a red PG.

Make no mistake, this release is for collectors. Sure, kids could like a red plane that turns into a robot, but they could just as easily have liked the gray version.

So, thanks Hasbro! Now about MP Grimlock…


What, you wanted more? Well, I guess this post could use some filler.

Gather round and here the tale of my fury at Fearswoop.

When I first saw that Hasbro was releasing a G1 Powerglide, I was pretty glad about that.

When I saw he was a store exclusive, I was shocked.

See, drama!

But then I saw it was a Walmart exclusive!


Fine, fine. But I’m tired, so if this rambles disjointedly that’s why.

So a store exclusive is usually not something I’m too fond of, as the nearest Target and Toys R Us is about an hour and a half away from where I live, and K-Mart is close but expensive.

Walmart, however, is both close and plentiful. There’s one here in town, and three within easy driving distance of where my future Mrs. and I go on the weekends.

But did I really need a red Powerglide?

Somewhere, the little part of me that asked that question is still hiding from the other part of me that raged YES!

And so, my very understanding future Mrs. and I scoured the area last weekend because of reports that Powerglide was out at retail. We found DCUC 10 and I got a pretty cool Man-Bat (I don’t usually collect figures of that size that aren’t tfs, but it’s friggin Man-Bat and hard to find.) but no Powerglide. One walmart did have one of the exclusives, but it was just a few Fury of Fearswoops.

The Fury of Fearswoop? Out of the four exclusives they were putting out that weekend, they had to put out just that one?

Well, it was the first day they were supposed to be out, so maybe they were lagged behind because of the scarcity of shelf space. After all, the toy isles have been full up with shelf warming voyagers, deluxes, and gravity bots. When you add in the odd Bumblebee helmet and blaster, they probably just picked the smaller of the exclusive sets.

On the way back there was still one more Walmart to check, and when we rounded the corner to the toy isle I saw new stand alone displays. Three new ones! Even if they had crap, they probably used the opportunity to put the exclusives out on one of those.

Dual sided, they each had a whole selection of a single price point with a complimentary one behind it. At first I was greeted with gravity bots. Upwards of twenty of the things. Okay… Behind that, was Powerbots. Well, that one was for kids. That’s cool. Next up was deluxes. Deluxes that they’ve had already and were shelf warming. Behind that, voyagers! And voyagers that had been out for months and were just adding to the ones shelf warming on the regular shelves.

The next display was Bumblebee helmets, and behind that… Bumblebee cannons.


Who decided that the best way to move inventory was to flood the department with lots more of what hasn’t been selling already? Displays help, but still!

That Monday Luke called me up to tell me he was in the local walmart, and he found the exclusives! They only had one of each, though. I was glad for him, cause Luke doesn’t visit as many walmarts with as much frequency as I get to. Plus maybe the stockers would put out some more of the exclusive ultras because they just sold the previous three.

And hey, at least they didn’t have any Fearswoops.

That night my future Mrs. and I went to the aforementioned place that’s an hour and a half away with Target and Toys R Us. We went in search of Powerglide, Human Alliance Skids, and maybe Hardhead, but honestly the best part of the night was the great conversations we had. :)

And no, that’s not me sucking up or anything. :p

At Toys R Us we managed to snag a Marvel Universe three pack of Spiderman and his Amazing Friends for Luke,  but they had pretty much the same so far as TFs were concerned. The only thing we found at Target was that it still smelled like burned tuna and swamp ass.

Does anyone have a Target near them and does it have a horrible stench?

The first few times we just figured they’d burned something at the attached Starbucks, but it’s consistently there, and it gives us both a headache and our trips to that store don’t last more than we can stand. I’d feel sorry for the people that work and shop there, but they seemed unaffected!

And this isn’t some small, out of the way target. This is the one in the capitol of Illinois, and it smells fucking awful.

(Luke and I went to one in Peoria, and I could vaguely taste a light hint of it on the air, but Luke said he didn’t notice. I’ve been to Targets that didn’t have that smell before, so maybe it’s Starbucks…)

Next up we tried the Walmart near Target, because the other two were on the other side of town. That’s only about 10 miles away, but one of the reasons I hate cities is that 10 miles does not mean 10 minutes. Hell, it doesn’t often mean twice that.

On getting to the toy isle, I saw they had a stand alone display. At first glance it appeared to be another attempt at selling voyagers by flooding the department with more of what hadn’t been selling, but the other side had something different!


Around twenty of them.

*shakes fist furiously* FEARSWOOP!

Was Hooligan doing this on purpose?

We checked another walmart, this one claiming to have gourmet sushi made fresh daily. It had more of the same. So much for upscale walmarts with better selection. I should also point out that the area around this walmart smelled of sewage… Maybe the sushi wasn’t so fresh.

The next walmart was also the furthest away, it was late, we were getting tired, and I didn’t know if I wanted to see Fearswoop in force again. Still, when we saw the long display full of exclusive ultras, with Powerglide’s shiny red beaconing and beckoning to me like a sailor lost in Amsterdam, an army of Fearswoops couldn’t sway the smile that ran almost ahead of me.

There’s something great about the hunt, and the electric thrill of prey spotted, that brief moment before you touch it that lasts only a few feet and stretches out for hours, and as you hold it up in hand how haze jars away and realtime speeds to catch up on things.

Sure, they had Fearswoop, but I had Powerglide, Human Alliance Skids, and Hardhead. (And they had more than one of each, so my future Mrs. found the best paint apps and plastic quality!)

And after that, Luke called to let me know that they had indeed replaced the ultras he had bought…

with Fearswoops.

~Matt Booker

14 thoughts on “The FURY of Fearswoop

  1. I don’t think I’ve ever been talked about so much in the third person. It’s… kinda equal parts creepy and awesome.

    Asking if anyone has a Target near them is kinda silly though. You should know by now that everyone but us does. :p

    Anyway, thanks for the Spider-Friends (and the others)! Hope you enjoyed your 69!


    Also, the Target here smells like peas or some sort of vegetable or something, but only by the entrance. Right near the Starbucks and concession stand thing…

    The Wal-Mart here has a ton of everything.And, yes, a lot of Fearswoops. Who I actually want so I can call him Hobbes.

  3. At this point I really should point out that the total cost of the things I picked up for Luke was $69.96…

    (Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends, The Soldier Pack, and Captain America vs Claw.)

    ~Matt Booker

  4. I’m really not looking forward to seeing Wal-Mart shelves overflowing with Fearswoops/Hooligans up here in Canada…

  5. I live like, four minutes away from two Targets in either direction from my home and I LIVE IN AUSTRALIA.

    (Ya know, that backwater racist country with all the blackface and kangaroos).

    You’ve got me a little tempted toward this red Powerglide, but we still haven’t seen Animated Wreck-Gar down here and I doubt that we’ll see anything new until the movie line has run its course. (The last movie line lasted forever; I felt like it was permanently shelf-warming. It was depressing). Also I have no idea where the Walmart Exclusives end up down here. Probably Big W. Or Ebay.

  6. They have Starbucks, but they’re more like an actual Starbucks stuck in the store lobby. There’s even a bif of a diving glass wall.

    They also have the concession stand, which has good nachos.

  7. Yo! First time here. I actually came for the awesome Rampage mod, but couldn’t stop reading.

    Anyway…I recognize some of myself in this story. i spent two days running between five Walmarts/Targets to find ROTF Smokescreen, and I felt the same way when I found him.

    And yes, my Target smells bad too, but mine’s more of a mustiness than anything.

  8. Heya Legendhiro. You’re welcome to stick around. There’s more here than just mod guides. :)

    I guess more than the surprise of the Target smelling like burnt tuna is that NO ONE WAS COMPLAINING. I’m talking about something that gives us a headache being in the store for more than a few minutes, so it’s not just an annoyance. I can understand maybe the employees being used to it, and toy collectors braving the stench, but why do regular people come in there?

    Either they don’t notice the smell, or they REALLY hate Walmart (which is next door.)

    ~Matt Booker

  9. I worked at all Walmart for a few weeks. I didn’t shop there for a year. Maybe every Target regular is a former Walmart employee ;)

  10. The targets here all smell like burned things. Maybe tuna? And they do have Starbucks.


  11. Mine has a Starbucks, a Pizza Hut Express, and a general food court like you would expect to see in a smaller mall or a movie theater.

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