Dehumanizing Alliance Skids, Part 2

Today’s next step in my Human Alliance Skids Mod Fix Guide is quick and easy, but here’s where some of you may choose not to do a step.

I think the previous step improves HA Skids so much, that fixing his backpack kibble is pretty much a necessity for a badass Skids. But if you didn’t like his decreased Human Alliance functionality, you’re really not going to like today’s step.

Step 2 – Right Arm Cannon Fix

Whether you decide to do it or not, Step 2 is quick and easy. I think it improves the figure, but I guess that depends on what your priorities are when it comes to Skids.

This is an HA figure, but I don’t care about the Human Alliance features. It’s really cool that they come with (mostly) in scale human figures, and it’s neat that they can ride inside.

But I don’t collect cars, I collect robots. And I don’t really care if said robots have a seat mounted to their arm so a human figure can work a weapon that the robot would probably be better at working itself.

That being said, it was amusing to see Mikaela straddling a cannon on Skids arm. It was annoying to discover that the human alliance features prevented the cannon from folding up on his arm properly when it wasn’t in chair mode.

First, the head rest of the car seat is too long to allow it to fold up against the cannon, and second, the peg that helps attach a human figure gets in the way if you have the missile still attached to the gun.

Easy enough to fix. Cut off enough of the head rest to allow the seat to fold down, and then cut off the peg.

Mikaela can still man the crotch rocket,  and she’s secure enough to hold her position thanks to the handles on the gun, but without the peg she’s not completely stuck on there. And yes, in alt mode one of the seats will be slightly taller than the other. I don’t care about that, though.

Am I leaving the other head rest alone? Well, you’ll have to see tomorrow in Part 3 of Dehumanizing Alliance Skids, my Human Alliance Skids Mod Fix Guide!


What? Yeah, no pictures showing what to cut. Grab a pair of flush cutters, cut off the peg, then trim away the top of the head rest until you can fold the seat down all the way with the cannon folded all the way onto his arm.

Here’s a picture to help you along.



~Matt Booker

10 thoughts on “Dehumanizing Alliance Skids, Part 2

  1. BBTS is expensive but they have good customer service.

    Go to a tf site and click on a sponsor, as they are usually on the up and up.

    Otherwise, ebay.


  2. Hiro, if you can hold out there’s a good chance that Hasbro will bring him over. It’s likely to be a year or two, and we don’t know what kind of changes they might make… so it IS playing the odds.

    If you want to order him now, I recommend BigBadToyStore. They aren’t always the cheapest, but they have excellent customer service and years of credibility. I’m not too picky about packing because I open everything, but they do pack well -VERY liberal with the bubble wrap- so there’s little chance something will get damaged in transit.

  3. This is true. Big Bad Toystore is great if you find deals and you use their Pile of Loot. Otherwise, they charge high rates for shipping.

    ~Matt Booker

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