Dehumanizing Alliance Skids, Part 3

So yesterday’s post was easy… Just a couple of cuts and suddenly you’ve got a better looking right arm on your HA Skids. Today’s step is a little more involved, and may take a few hours to complete, but most of that is waiting!

You’ll see soon enough.

Human Alliance Skids Mod Fix Guide GO!

Step 3 – The Left Arm Kibble Kaper

Now that Skids’s right arm can always have the cannon deployed (sprawled out Megan Fox or not), that hunk of kibble on his left arm looks really out of place. It’s just a chunk of something at best, a folded up seat at worst.

This guide is all about improving Skids, not just dehumanizing him. (It just happens that most of the improvements tone down the human alliance functionality.) Chopping off that car seat will certainly help make that arm smaller than the right, but it gets rid of an alt mode feature and it’s a missed opportunity to add another gun.

Yes, often times the best way to hide kibble is to re-purpose it, and when it’s on the forearm and already vaguely in the shape of a cannon, why not slap a barrel on there and make it go from looking awkward to blowing big awkward holes in Decepticons? :D

This kind of thing doesn’t always work, but it does for Skids because, thanks to being a Human Alliance figure, he’s got plenty of room in his alt mode for you to put a barrel on the seat! And depending on the barrel you use, there should still be plenty of leg room for a human figure.

Oh, don’t worry, there’s more to this post than just “Find a gun to glue to the kibble!”

But first…

Substep 1, Find a gun to glue to the kibble!

My suggestions are to find a barrel that’s appropriate in size to the kibble. You don’t want something that’s bigger than it. Aside from space reasons in the alt mode, you want something that looks like a barrel, so the kibble itself can be the bulk of the weapon. This is also nicely in theme with the big right arm, smaller left arm aspect of Skids.

Speaking of being in theme, be mindful of the colors that you pick. I’d go with a nice gray, as green would blend a bit too much and black seems a bit too out of place.

Work with what you have, though. Spare GI Joe weapons might be okay, or maybe the tip of a missile if it’s not too rounded.

I used the arm cannon from a deluxe Skids. I just so happened to have a spare available (it didn’t have a gold tooth), and the cannon works out to be just the right size and the right color!

For the purpose of this guide, I’ve documented what to do with a deluxe Skids cannon.

First, get the cannon out of the arm. If you aren’t aware of how to do that, this should help. I know some of you don’t trust wikipedia, but I’ve personally verified some of that information (At least the bits about the basic functionality of the device.), so read with confidence!


Substep 2, Cut the cannon.

The whole cannon’s not going to fit on the kibble, at least in a way that still allows for alt mode while looking good in both. Here’s where to cut!


I’ve colored in red what needs to be cut off. You’ll notice that I’ve cut away part of the block at the back of the barrel. That’s because that part of the block has a stylized V that needs to be flat. It doesn’t have to be much, but it needs to be trimmed so there’s more surface area to glue.

I also put a very slight angle to that,  so the barrel raises up just a bit. I thought it looked better, but feel free to play around with it until you get it to where you want it.

Just make sure to think before you cut! You have a little room to fix mistakes, but eventually you’ll need to get another cannon.


Substep 3, The Seat!

Just like in yesterday’s post, the seat doesn’t fold up as compactly as it could because of the headrest and the human powerlinx peg. That leaves a rather unsightly opening in the side of our new cannon.


After this step the cannon will still have a bit of a gap there, but it’s a much smaller one. You’ll see it in the pictures of the completed mod below.

First, cut the peg off, as it’s the easiest to get done.

After that, we need to trim the seat’s head rest. Because it’s got a different shape than the seat on the right arm, you have to do more than just make a cut straight across.

Well, I suppose you could, but I really liked the design on the back of the seat, so I cut along it. Don’t worry, it’s not hard to do.

Here’s a picture of where to cut on the arm kibble.


Notice that the part that’s being removed is again colored red, but this time there’s also two yellow lines. Grab your trusty pair of flush cutters and make a cut on each side, right along where the yellow lines are.

Because of the way flush cutters work, the bottom\ flush side is cut and the plastic on the other side is pushed up. So make sure the flush side of the cutter is next to the kibble that we’re keeping.

Got that?

The red part in that picture is being pushed away while the green section is being cut.

After those two cuts the red section should pretty much come off. After that take a sharper blade like an x-acto and finish smoothing out the cut areas.

Next we’re going to cut on the other side of that part. You’ll notice there’s still a chunk of headrest on there. That needs cut off, but don’t cut anything else. It doesn’t matter that much, but it’s a little cosmetic difference that improves the look. Pay particular attention to the ridge of the seat itself.


I’ve colored the ridge green and the area colored red is where the head rest was.

Here’s a picture of how the kibble should look after these cuts.



Substep 4, Glue the Cannon to the Kibble!

It’s been a while since we’ve used glue in a guide on here, so I’d suggest a quick refresher on GLUE AND YOU!

There’s not much to describe in this step aside from telling you to grab your favorite glue and stick it on there. Make sure you get the positioning down before you actually glue it. With most glues you can make a bit of an adjustment before it sets, but don’t rely on that unless you’re familiar with the glue.

If you’re using a cannon other than the one in this guide, just make sure there’s enough clearance both in alt mode and during transformation.

You’ll want to glue the cannon to the bottom front of the seat. Here’s a picture of the fully modded cannon.



For those of you wondering if the gun is going to really affect the look of the alt mode’s interior, here’s a couple of pictures.





There’s more to the guide coming on Monday, including a HA SKIDS DOORS FIX. Enough people have asked (and googled) for a HA Skids Doors fix that I came up with a mod, and while I didn’t think I’d be using it at first, modding the doors so they fold down does look better.

Next up is Part 4 of DeHumanizing Alliance Skids, my Human Alliance Skids Mod Fix Guide.

~Matt Booker

16 thoughts on “Dehumanizing Alliance Skids, Part 3

  1. Looks like there’s a use for the deluxe mold! But I may try to find a junker since the deluxe is still cool…


  2. “A Screwdriver is a popular highball drink made with orange juice and vodka…”

    I don’t see how that’s going to help me get Skid’s cannon off him, but okay!

  3. Phantaman… Have you seen the inside of the alt mode? The back is full of robo legs, the floorboards are robo hands, there’s a robo… middle support piece between the seats, and there’s a FREAKING GATTELING GUN attached to that!

    So no it’s not going to look out of place. ^_^


  4. In all fairness GBG, Matt does kind of gloss over that. Part of his goal in these guides is to make fun toys more fun, and part of that involves convincing people who don’t have the toys that they ARE fun. His blog serves as a sort of “side-note review” in that sense… at least, that’s how I’ve always understood it.

    A few more pics (one that shows how it stows in car mode, and one just to see the two-gun kid) would go a long way to show that this works and adds to the fun.

  5. Done up to this point and waiting on the glue to dry! I used the deluxe Skids cannon and it looks great! =)

  6. So today I went to finally pick up a ROTF Leader Megatron, and it seems that every Walmart in my area has stopped selling him. Completely. I found his at Target; that’s not the problem. I just think its odd that Walmart has decided not to carry him anymore. They still sell him online, but not in the stores. Did I miss something? Is there some reason for this that I am missing?

    Thought that was an interesting story/question.

  7. It’s about damn time!

    I swear, it’s like you think that “life” is more important than my entertainment! You do, don’t you?


    Next time I expect… you know what? There better not BE a next time.

    Hugs and kisses,


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