Happy 1 Year MattBooker.info

Today it’s been one year since the first post on this blog. One year, one hundred and twenty one posts, several guides, and lots of other fun posts… This site has gone from just a handful of readers to close to over 600 unique visits a day.

I could’ve done some super celebration spectacular, but I took the day off instead. I’ve got some great things coming up, though, including something huge for the whole month of November, the rest of the Skids guide next week, and even some comic style posts.

I hope you’ve come to enjoy things around here. It’s good to see more visitors and even better to see regular posters. I’ve internet met some great people, and there have been close to 1000 comments so far! Thanks to all of you for spending time here on my little corner of the interwebs.

So, grab some pineapple, do some mods, and have fun.

~Matt Booker

12 thoughts on “Happy 1 Year MattBooker.info

  1. Happy one year!

    Also, I’m gonna try the Rampage mod tomorrow. It’ll be the first time I’ve done anything so big. Usually I just take joints apart to figure out why they don’t work right.

  2. Where are these cooking posts your blog title mentions? :P~

    Thanks to you I will never look at a pineapple the same way again.


  3. The cooking posts will happen at some point.

    And Esoteric, hopefully all of you don’t get bored with it. :)

    ~Matt Booker

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