Dehumanizing Alliance Skids, Part 4

So far we’ve taken Human Alliance Skids and fixed his back kibble, fixed the kibble on his right arm, and added a cannon to his left arm. Personally, I would’ve left it there, but the amount of people searching for HA Skids Door Fix or Human Alliance Door Mod is pretty decent, and I’ve had a few people ask me if I was going to fix the wings.

I wasn’t going to, because they didn’t bother me…  But I went ahead and modded my HA Skids to have fold away doors, and it turns out I actually liked it.

It’s still pretty easy to do, and I’ve got step by step instructions with plenty of pictures. So continue reading for the last step in this Human Alliance Skids Mod Fix guide!


Step 4 – HA Skids Door Fix

Lets take a look at the current setup of the door wings.



The door itself is held on to a sliding joint by a screw with a built in washer. The joint can slide up and down in the rectangular channel on the door in order to give the door more clearance when opening up.

I’ve colored a couple of things red in that picture. First is the corner of the joint itself, and then a section of that rectangular channel on the door.

If you’ve been following along with the guide so far, you’ll know that the parts colored in red need to be cut off. Be careful with the joint and only cut as much as you need to in order to get clearance. I would suggest doing it after cutting the door, just so you can test to see how much you need.

As far as the door, just cut away enough to let the door rotate down. You’ll notice that the door has a bit of a curve to it, and that could cause problems with the rotation of the door.

The easy way around that?

Just loosen the screw a bit.

If you loosen the screw a bit it gives the door a bit of wiggle room, and so the little bit of a bend in the door isn’t going to cause problems when you rotate it down.

Unscrew that screw to take the door apart and start cutting. I used a pair of flush cutters for this mod. Quick and easy!

When you get the door put back together, this is what it should look like…



The only other thing to keep in mind is that the bottom of the door frames (those black bars) need to be pointing down or they’ll get in the way of folding the doors down.  If you adjust the back a bit, you can get the bars lined up with the back \ rear of the roof.


I’ve colored the bar blue in that picture to make it easier to see.


After that, just rotate the doors down and close them around the backpack kibble.  Here’s some pictures to show you what it looks like!

These pictures have the full mods done to them! While you don’t have to, I think the most important mod to do in this guide is the backpack mod. Again, you don’t have to do it for the the door mod, but it looks much better!







If you enjoyed the mods, let me know by leaving a comment. And tell your friends!

~Matt Booker

15 thoughts on “Dehumanizing Alliance Skids, Part 4

  1. So, I tried the Rampage elbow mod. It worked out great. I’m planning on trying the others as well, or at least trying the hip mod. It requires more joint thickening than I’m used to, but these guides are so good that I shouldn’t have a problem.

    Thanks for doing all this work. You don’t have to share your mod with us, and I for one am grateful that you do.


    That last picture is like a baddass cake with awesomesauce.

  3. Runbert, the door mod does not affect using them as wings. If you’re not going to have the doors down, you might want to think about tightening the screw completely just to make sure they stay in position.

    No problem legendhiro.

    Vintage Swoop, you don’t eat badass cake with a fork, you serve it with your fists!

    ~Matt Booker

  4. I browse a lot of forums and saw a link to this from LukeBlast on Allspark. I’ll be doing your mod. Thanks for the guide! Looks quick and easy, and it’s great that you color in the parts that you’re talking about.

    It’s got to be better than the guy who posted on Allspark about removing the back kibble. What the eff! That would make him look like half a bot! Skids needs to be a bit chunky but from the factory he’s a ball with larms and legs. You got it right with your mod.

  5. Hey Matt
    just did the mod and im reely glad u came up with it!
    Thanks loads for sharin this!

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