80 thoughts on “Deadpool Vs Jolt

  1. Since Luke is actually asking nicely, I’ll talk about it. It’s a gen wun BB, just the head, a little more cartoony than the actual cartoon one. He’s smiling and happy.

    It’s fun wearing low cut tops and seeing peoples reactions.

    I got it because it was fun and as a little girl I totally had a crush on BB.

    yeah I know.

    Now that you mention it, ani BB would be pretty rad on the other one. =)

  2. That is awesome.

    Also, it appears as though my comments are stuck in that stupid “Awaiting moderation” thing, and not showing up. SO YOU MAY NOT SEE THIS FOR DAYS.

  3. Esoteric, yes, yes it did.

    Monty, he was referring to boob conversations while he was asleep.

    DCybertron, welcome to MattBooker.info. It’s good to know the picture made you think of something like FALCOOOON PAAAAUUUUUUNNCH, instead of boobs or a David Willis’s underwear.

    Although it making people think of boobs isn’t so bad.

    Bumblegirl, that’s pretty cool. At least it’s not kanji.

    Monty, it put your comment in awaiting moderation status because you had three links in it. It was just making sure it wasn’t spam. Used to be, I’d get a few hundred spam comments a day, and since I have it set to approve all new posters, I’d have to sort through the spam to make sure people didn’t get deleted with the spam. If I waited a few days to do that, I could have a thousand comments to sort through. Now though, I have a new plugin that’s eliminated all of that, so only actual users get put in the awaiting moderation status, and that’s only if they’re a new poster or if they’ve changed their name or email address or if they do something that it thinks might be a bit iffy like posting links.

    The point of all that is that now I don’t even see spam comments and so it’s easy to sort through the actual people awaiting moderation. :)

    Oh and my future Mrs says to do the polka party, though maybe that’d be better as an upper arm one.

    I think the pointing one would be awesome on your torso, so he’s pointing at your nipple.

    Yes I’m serious. If you’re going to get a crazy Wreck-Gar tattoo, why not go Weird Al level crazy?

    On top of that, it’s like a girlfriend filter! Sure, a girl may be pretty, but it’s the personality and her real self that matters. And if a girl doesn’t think that’s somewhere between awesome and funny, then she’s probably not the girl for you. Better to find out after sex (keep your shirt on) than after a year of dating.

    People have asked me if my tattoos have made it hard to find a job or make people judge me, and I tell them that if a job had a problem with my tattoos I probably would’ve hated working there anyway, and I’m a big guy with long hair and a jagged grin- they don’t judge me to my face. :)

    Besides, if they ask what the triforce means I explain how it helps me be a better person by reminding me to be a hero and have courage. How can they think poorly of a noble thing like that?

    And if they do, that’s what swords are for.

    ~Matt Booker

  4. “Hey look, a nipple!”

    But, yeah, by the time a girl would see that she’d know I’m weird. Everyone has said that it becomes rather obvious the first time they meet me. And I wouldn’t be willing to go on more than one date with her unless I knew she could handle the weird.

    And about the moderation thing, I recently switched to a different computer (Mine killed itself), which might explain why it happened before.

  5. “I think the pointing one would be awesome on your torso, so he’s pointing at your nipple.”

    I think pointing at the navel would also be funny, but I’ve heard stomach tattoos hurt like hell.

    And no (just to preempt the joke), I wouldn’t suggest anything lower. We’re talking something permanent here, and a TF pointing at your junk would go from funny to creepy VERY fast.

  6. I wanna see Deadpool fight Ejector. I don’t care how out of scale it would be, I just think it would be awesome.

    And Monty, that sounds very funny and very disturbing at the same time.

  7. Blast it Monty… the topic is boobies! Behold your punishment:

    “It might be funny if it was Arcee or Blackarachnia [pointing at my junk].”

    Pointing and LAUGHING.

    Oh, burn! I totally went there!

    *proceeds to laugh hysterically at his own lame joke*

  8. My blog’s comments are like a friendly 4chan.

    Okay, so not that insane.

    But out of the blogs that I read, I think we’ve surpassed them in awesomeness.

    Take that, David Willis!

    ~Matt Booker

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