Click that link, familiarize yourself with the concept, and then reread that word with a more dramatic flair, so it sounds like a sea hardened pirate king with one hand on the helm, his other a rusted razor of a hook that’s hemp strapped to a jeweled cutlass (like a demon’s talon, blazing defiantly in the sun!), one foot upraised atop a cask of moderately valued rum, and the other being wept upon by a hundred freshly defloured pastry maidens!

Do you hear it?


It is the call of the challenge! To a land where authors brave seas of swirling plot holes and navigate through the shallow banks of filler words and choppy waves of text, all the while with their shining eyes set upon the golden land of silken verse and poetic prose.


It is the call of the desperate, pissed off procrastinators! Where burly men cry themselves to sleep at night in hopes of reading the wrath that I have wrote, of seeing the scapes that I have scoped, of losing themselves in the buxom embrace of an easy and deep novel that flirts fast and free but turns into something you may not want to show the family but you marry anyway!


It is the call to ADVENTURE!

And this November, I’m settin sail.

~Matt Booker

42 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo

  1. YAR!

    Glad to have some friendly ships asail as well. Sign up before November and then add me as a writing buddy. My username on is mattbooker.

    I’ll be doing novel related posts on here for November, but I’ve got a tf post or two that I’ll have in there. If people enjoy the style of posts like this (and The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year) then you’ll have fun with me this November.

    For those who’re only here for pretty pictures of Deadpool fighting things and guides on how to cut plastic… Stick around. There’ll be more of that still, and you just might have fun reading the Captain’s Log of my grand adventure!

    ~Matt Booker

  2. Wooo! You boys have fun becoming men! And writing novels.

    Matt and Esoteric seem to be ready for ADVENTURE, but you seem reluctant Monty. You have thrown in, so be sure to forge a path and not just follow because if you don’t WE ALL WILL KNOW. (If you tell us, that is.) Peeeeer Preessssure!

    I concur with the knock off tf dinosaur, what are these going to be about?

  3. Also I have to note that my favorite part of this post was when you compared your upcoming book to a buxom wench that turns out to be more than she appears. HILARIRITY!

  4. are you sure thats what you meant cause i keep finding sites about guys and ITS GROS! are you saying your a guy and gay

  5. Hey guys, if you Google Goatse, you can totally see me! You might have to dig deep though…

    If you’re serious TD, you might want to link. After the third image page of old guys performing oral on each other, I got bored and moved on… to young guys performing oral on each other, but that’s another topic entirely.

    (And yes, the Goatse thing was a joke…)

  6. *googles goatse*

    Wait a minute! lol

    Now back on topic, what are all of you going to write about?

    Luke are you not going to?


  7. I don’t think anyone took offense TD… it’s just one of those internet “the tone got lost” things, so it became unclear. It happens.

    No GBG, I’m not going to participate. I dearly want to, but I’m a grad student working on a thesis research paper, trying to get together applications for more grad school, and trying to do normal coursework on top of it. Honestly, I spend more time neglecting my work than I should, and sadly need to cut back as it is, not justify it. ;)

    Maybe next year though.

  8. That’s a good phantaman…

    *tosses treat*

    NaNoWriMo is intriguing… DISCUSS!

    (just trying to keep things away from boobs and David Willis thongs.)

  9. No you silly boy. Unless that’s what you’re writing about, and then you’d have to work in ADVENTURE with boobs.

    Now don’t avoid the question.

    *whip crack*

  10. My story is not going to be about pirates. But it might have pirates in it…

    The Captains Log is what I’m going to call the November NaNoWriMo entries, in order to continue the ADVENTURE theme.

    As for what mine is going to be about, you’ll just have to wait and see.

    Don’t worry, November is coming up soon and I’ll be sure to keep you all updated. I’m not going to post the whole thing here, but there will be snippets, as well as posts about the process.

    ~Matt Booker

  11. I *think* that I found you and made you a writing buddy. If not, I’m Esoteric. I talked a mate into participating too (it didn’t take much, I just showed him the link) and I’m going to muscle down another too.

    I’m really, really, really excited.

    @Monty stop trying to talk about boobs. IT’S AN INSULT TO THE ART OF PROSE. :b

  12. Added!

    Glad to hear you’re excited. I really enjoyed the email that NaNoWriMo sends you once you sign up. A large part of it is ‘tell your friends so you won’t want to quit and be humiliated.’

    I figure getting friends to write a book that month too is even better. :)

    ~Matt Booker

  13. Soooooooooo…. What are you two going to write about?

    What about your writing styles?

    Give us some info.

    Matt, I really like the writing pieces you’ve done on here so far. I expect more of it in your book.

  14. Quiet comments today, cause Monty’s avoiding the question and Esoteric is dreaming about boobs.


  15. No, I was dreaming about boobs as well, as I was up really late.

    Mine will be a series of connected short stories about the superhero I created about a year or so ago.

  16. Oh hey guys!

    I won’t be participating, lol. I hate writing. (But I like reading!)

    I’ll look forward to what comes out of this. =D

    All the ads on this page are about WRITING and PUBLISHING. Let’s talk some more about boobs and get ’em to change. XD

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