ROTF G1 Mixmaster – Head Fix

Currently a TRU exclusive, the Backroad Brawl two pack features two repaints full of geewunny goodness. Hoist practically sells the set himself, being more of a Classics Hoist than a ROTF Hoist, but Mixmaster…

Well, some people were excited about him, until they saw the newly remolded head and its paint scheme.


Just look at that… It’s debatable whether the g1 colorscheme looks good on a realistic cement truck, or even the gangly Decepticon it turns into, but who thought it was a good idea to remold the head with a grin and then accentuate it?

The head seems to disappear amid the black, and all you’re left with are two glowing eyes above a silver grin.

It’s almost like reverse blackface.

Where are the people saying this is racist?

Or at least the ones complaining about drunk transformers?

Seriously though, I get a very robot heroes feel from him. Kind of a friendly, ‘aww shucks fellahs!’ vibe.  According to, there is a reason for this! Click that link and go read the Trivia section to find out about it.


After seeing pictures of the body online, I didn’t really care about the head issue anyway as I didn’t like the color scheme. I wasn’t too fond of the original ROTF Mixmaster’s drab gray and dark maroon, but it seemed to be better than Mt. Dew Pee green.

Once in hand, though, I’ve found myself really liking him. Really liking him to the point where Hoist is probably feeling neglected.

What changed my mind?

First, the color scheme looks terrible in most online pictures. The green isn’t so much Mt. Dew Pee, as it is Mt. Dew. In fact, it’s very close to the original Constructicon green!

The dark purple, black, and silver combine to contrast and compliment the green, making for a very snazzy looking bot. The first release of this mold blends in to the background, but this one really draws attention.

But what to do about the head?

It’s only painted!

The head is actually molded in green plastic and painted black and silver.

Reasoning that even if it looked like crap, it was probably better than the current colors, I grabbed some 90% rubbing alcohol, q-tips, and an old sock.

If you’ve never done something like that before, it’s as simple as it sounds. Alcohol weakens the paint and the q-tips and sock help rub the paint off.

Nail polish remover works, but don’t leave it on there too long. Acetone likes to eat plastic!

So does it look better? Yes.

Well, sort of.

It still had that tipsy looking smile on it’s face! Even if it wasn’t accentuated by a silver stubble, the smile was  probably the most prominent feature on the face. Keeping company with it turned an otherwise sinister pair of orange eyes into a hyuck inducing glaze, and  what should be a head shape that wavers somewhere between spidery and squiddy has become an unnoticed periphery!

But hey, this is! We’ll just take a blade and cut the facial features into something more appealing.

Really. Just take a blade and shave the front part of the face flat-ish, concentrating on getting rid of the indented nose and the mouth, then clean up the sides a bit. I didn’t do it completely flat, but instead it has a slight slope outward toward the chin. Almost like the old TMNT Foot Soldier face.

So does it look better after all that? YES!

But you probably want some pictures as proof…







Click on each of those pictures for the full versions.


You’ll also notice that I don’t follow the instructions when transforming Mixmaster. Nothing too big, and you may have already come to a similar transformation if you’ve ever fiddled with Mixmaster.

The official transformation has a rather squat Mixmaster thanks to the way they handle the legs. There is a joint that lets the legs flip over and out to the side, but it looks much better if you leave the legs extended in the position used for alt mode.

If spindly is how you want Mixmaster, his arms are full of joints enough to do that. I prefer to raise the shoulders a bit and use the gas tanks to bulk up the chest. Again, reference the above pictures if for a visual description.

Mixmaster is kind of finicky until you get him into a position that you like, but once you’re there you’ll appreciate him more. He’s basically a shellformer, but a very elaborate one!


Personally, he’s my Classics Mixmaster.

*loads fan canon cannon with “Mixmaster’s chemical experiments backfired and now he’s a monstrous gangly freak of a bot.“*


Direct hit!

I really like Hoist, but I’m enjoying Mixmaster way more than most other people I’ve read about on the interwebs. Fixing his face really made a difference.

~Matt Booker

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  1. Well the Legends Devastator has SEVEN little robots that form Devastator, and it’s recently been seen in the Hasbro packaging… And I’d love to get just Hoist from that set.

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