Poetry – October

October often makes me think of this. I wrote it a few years ago, and it’s especially appropriate as it’s near the end of the month. I still enjoy it, so I thought I’d do a post for it.



When the sincere silver moon
returned so subtle silent soon
to its lonely starlit room
where all the lovers loving swoon
from its light so calming cast
upon the chilly night aghast
from the north wind as it swept by streamin’
were you sitting neath a dead tree dreamin?
I was.
And what did I see
before me on that tree
but perchance a glance at glee
as the tragic magic of the moment
milled mildly in the darkened dusk
with a spriggand and a sprite
upon the airy nightly light
of a faery cavalcade
come from the sea of jade
somewhere on the third tier of a place and time called October.
How bout you?

A dead tree cemetery
where upon this tree I’m wary
of all the ghosts and all the goblins
and the gnomes that come a hoblin’
and the hobs mistaken for hobgoblins
cause here’s a meeting place,
a crossing over traced
by ley lines and plot lines
of people’s graves where they
have lonely bones that gave
so very much in lives
that still in their stillness strives
for those who just can’t seem to go…
But getting there is half the fun
and now it seems I’m on the run
for a fae soldier has well seen me
and has thought of me unseemly
as it seems that I surprised him
out of character and form,
and my kind is not the norm
round a place so key as this
upon this magic time of year.
The time for crossin’s here,
though not for me I fear,
and leastways I’m outta here
fore they take me cross the jaded sea
seen in my imagination free
though true to travel there
a price first paid in fair’s
the only way to get over
to the third tier of October,
a time and a place
where there is no trace
of anyone the likes of you or I.

~Matt Booker


~Matt Booker

7 thoughts on “Poetry – October

  1. Thanks! I’m doing my part to fight all the gothy pain poetry the emocidals pour onto the net around this wonderful month and holiday of Halloween.

    ~Matt Booker

  2. Nice poem! It’s very fast and rapid rhyming and yet somehow it’s not awkward or forced.


  3. Very nice!

    So, constructive thoughts… I like that you don’t force a rhyme to make things awkward. Good cadence too. A very chewy poem that feels good on my tongue.

    I mean that.

    It’s better in my mouth than on the post, and I suggest you try it too. And I don’t mean that in a perverted way. Well, not completely.

  4. Really nice Matt. I don’t read a lot of poetry, but yours got me interested in seeing more of your work.

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