Hellboy and Golden Army Soldier Review Part 2

Happy Halloween!  Welcome back to the second part of my Hellboy and Golden Army Soldier review.

Today, I’m reviewing the 3.75″ Hellboy that’s exclusive to this set.  Part of the reason why I’m doing this review is that I couldn’t find any detailed reviews of the set online, so I had to order it based on the quality of Mezco’s other products.

I ordered a demon on good faith.

And holy hell was it worth it!




Before I get into the details on this, go read Rustin Parr’s great review of the 3.75″ 2008 con exclusve Hellboy over at OAFE.  There are a few differences, but that should give you an idea of what to expect.

26 points of articulation – Balljointed right first, swivel right elbow,  swivel and hinged shoulders, balljointed head, swivel biceps,  hinged left elbow, swivel left fist, balljointed upper torso, swivel waist, balljointed hips, upper thigh swivels, hinged knees, hinged upper ankles (for heel to toe pivots), hinged lower ankles (for side to side pivots), swivel upper tail, swivel mid tail, and swivel lower tail.

Read that again.

So lets recap… 26 points of articulation, a number that exceeds many marvel legends and most figures in that size range, in a figure that’s about as tall as my index finger.

The only joint that’s not useful on Hellboy is the waist swivel. The only thing it’s missing is a hinged right elbow instead of a swivel, but I can understand why they didn’t, as it would really be cutting it close in the ‘messes up the sculpt’ category.

I really like articulation. I really like Mezco.


Sculpted Details – Hellboy is full of sculpted details! There are several versions of the 3.75″ Hellboy out there, from the cigar chomping exclusive to the angry faced box set figure, but I liked this one the best. Yeah, the Golden Army Soldier was cool, but it was really just icing on the cake. This particular version of Hellboy is stern faced, a bit grumpy, and very determined.

It’s as if he’s about to get sucked through the tentacled backside of a glibbering horror but he knows that being a badass living suppository is the only way to defeat it.

Or he’s annoyed by some BRPD director.

Or he’s about to say ‘Aw crap.”

Really, it’s the best Hellboy expression.

I also like that this version is shirtless, as that’s not only a staple sign of badassery, but it shows off the craggy markings on his half demonic hide. They even extend around the back, even though they’re covered up by the trench coat.


The belt is sculpted at an angle, the holster is huge but so is the Samaritan. There is no latch on the holster, but it’s covered up by the trench coat anyway.

Hellboy’s trench coat is an appropriate representation of the real thing, but it’s a bit stiff so that hinders the articulation. That’s fairly common among trenchcoated toys, though.

The tail has three swivel joints, which combine to let it pull of a wide range of poses. the slit at the back of the trench coat is just the right size to let the tail come out and curl around the side. Now I just need to find an in-scale six pack of beer for it…

The pants are realistically wrinkled in all the right spots, and so is the glove on his left hand. His boots have treads along the sides, but not on the bottom.

The right hand of doom is just brimming with sculpted detail. I like the clenched fist on this one better than the open handed exclusive reviewed at OAFE. I don’t know how accurate the details are on the right hand of doom, but it’s glyphs are cool.



Paint – Excellent again. Maybe it’s just because this is an exclusive, but from the single carded figures I’ve seen at TRU I don’t think that’s the case. Mezco is doing a great job, especially in a scale where ‘paint problems’ are the easiest to forgive.

My Hellboy has a bit of a lazy eye, but that’s all I could really complain about with the paint. The black wash on the right hand of doom really brings out the details on the sculpt, and that’s something HasTak could learn from.

Accessories – He comes with a stand that’s just a plain disk with either a sticker or a tampograph of the BRPD logo on it in yellow. It’s not too fancy but it looks spectacular.

And then there’s the Samaritan. The sculpting on it is excellent, and it’s just the right size to fit snugly in his hand. His index finger even fits the trigger area.

The paint on it is also great. Rather than just giving him an unpainted gray gun, they’ve done a metal gray wash that makes it look weathered and used. This isn’t some polished pop gun, it’s a working man’s hand cannon for a working man’s super hero.

And contrary to the OAFE review, the Samaritan does indeed hinge open. It is glued shut at first, but the glue is lightly attached and will give well before the plastic does. (I have tried this on two of them.)

Hold the gun upside down, put your right thumbnail against the back of the gun at the hinge and apply pressure as you use your left hand to brace the barrel of the gun. You can also push a little on the handle with your right index finger, but put most of the pressure on the hinge with your thumbnail.


Once you break the seal on the glue, you’ll find the Samaritan does not have a weak hinge. It’s very stable, and there’s even a peg to keep the Samaritan snapped shut.


Quality Control – All this crammed into a small figure, there’s probably going to be some issues, right? Not really. Mezco has exceeded every other figure line that I’ve seen in this scale.

And that’s not me wearing fanboy goggles. Hellboy is awesome, but I don’t have a problem complaining about things that aren’t what they should be. Transformers are awesome, but quite a bit of the content on this site is a direct result of me not liking something about a transformers figure to the point where I fix it.

The one thing Mezco needs to improve? Customer communication.

Seriously. They were super awesome and great to deal with except for that. That sounds a bit like an oxymoron, so let me explain.

I ordered through Mezco’s website, and waited a few days for the figure to ship. Their site doesn’t have a ‘shipment status’ so much as it has a ‘tracking’ button. I would click on the tracking button and it would say that tracking information would be updated once the order was shipped.

I ordered it on a Thursday night, and by the next Tuesday morning there was still no information on it. And this was shipped via UPS, so there should’ve been a tracking number.

Tuesday afternoon I called them, got the answering machine, and was amused by it’s message. It was something like, “You have reached Mezco Toys. We can’t answer the phone right now because we’re busy packing up your order!”

I left a message asking them to call me back. I had also emailed them that Monday, but did not get a response. I went to lunch, came back, called them again, and got the answering machine again.

Then I noticed that while I was out UPS had left a package for me. It was Hellboy and the Golden Army Soldier!

I called again and this time a guy answered. He was very friendly and I told him about the tracking info \ order status issue but I don’t think that was his department, let alone something he could fix.

If anyone is reading this from Mezco, just let me say thank you for the extra special help in getting this review out on time. Despite the lack of communication, Mezco helped me resolve a missing peg on Hellboy’s left ankle and they did so above and beyond what I’ve ever personally encountered in a toy company.

What’s that? Shouldn’t I have mentioned that under the quality control section? Well it’s still that section, so consider it mentioned. It was the only problem I had with the set, and Mezco fixed it fast and better than I was expecting.

They did, however, not communicate with me at all about what they were doing to fix it.

And so Mezco was super awesome and great to deal with except for them not having any customer communication. Almost an oxymoron, but it works.


Overall – Go buy a Hellboy figure.



Click the picture for the full version.


Happy Halloween! Now go buy a Hellboy figure.

~Matt Booker

9 thoughts on “Hellboy and Golden Army Soldier Review Part 2

  1. okay, i might have to buy him. i need some good hellboy stuff anyway, so i might as well start with the best…

  2. The Joe sized one seems to be a shrunken version of the 7 in. figure I have (But without the shirt), and that’s one of my favorite figures (The Abe isn’t bad either).

    I need to find some way to get some version of the figure…

  3. That oafe.net review says it has fewer points of articulation. Do they count both shoulders as one joint or is your edition just super articulated?

    Mannnnnn I might have to order this now. This thing needs to be beating up my Sargeant Slaughter.

    :< [r _L

  4. GBG, Hellboy does have 26 points of articulation, and I counted each joint as one point. I think the OAFE review just counted incorrectly, because there’s no difference with them except the head.

    ~Matt Booker

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