NaNoWriMo Captains Log: Day 1

Captains Log, November 1rst, 2009.

Today’s the day for settin sail, but I haven’t set the ship a’sea just yet. Not sure how long the metaphor will continue, as the month goes on and the waters demand more and more of me to navigate. The crew murmur to themselves, uttering half heard and broken spoken fears of the port suffering for the voyage.

Having keelhauled a couple just for good measure, I assured the rest that any stragglers still at port’ll either stay or wander off, and to those that do then fair weather readers they be, and better off are we. We journey in search of that great and golden land of silken verse and bounty’d prose, and we are greater than the mod guides of our parts. Let em seek their tf jollies elsewhere, but they know that none shall ever make em laugh and then feel dirty like we, we of the good port!

The ship’s prepared, at least.

The morning saw us visit family, venture forth to pet kittens, and to discuss our  wedding plans. My future Mrs. and I secured our date at the church, having the day before obtained the date at the reception hall.

After that, we journeyed back to our current place of residence, farther than we’d like from the land of our birth, but a home is what you make of it, and ours is in each other. Though the land here is not our own, and we still bide our time till our return, a home in us we have indeed.

Having the day’s events settled, it’s time I hoist the main sail and heave up the anchor. The ship’s been building in my mind, and the wide world aches for our impression. It calls out to be mastered! It calls out for ADVENTURE!

Heave off then!


~Matt Booker

16 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo Captains Log: Day 1

  1. So wait… you made wedding plans instead of writing? Bad form! A wedding is only for the rest of your life, but writing is forever!

    …no, that didn’t work any better in my head. I was just kinda hoping, you know, if I typed it out anyway…

  2. Haha, Jake. :)

    Tophat, would you believe me if I said it was about chainsaws, lovecraftian eldritch horrors, through the looking glass and wonderland, the extinction and rebirth of all evil in the known multiverse, time and dimensionally displaced travellers, pandas, and a beautiful psychic woman who may also be a cow?

    ~Matt Booker

  3. That comment is disturbing and awesome all at the same time.

    Just like my nanowrimo book. (Yes, it’s the first one.)

    ~Matt Booker

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