NaNoWriMo Captain’s Log: Day 5

Captain’s Log, November 5th, 2009.

I set out to write a chapter where not much was supposed to happen. An introduction to a character that enjoys the everyday every day, and wants it to continue, but a part of him knows he can’t. He’s got something to do, and someone’s trying to get him to break free and someone else is trying to keep him there.

It’s his introduction, sort of. He’s been in the book before, but the reader hasn’t made the connection yet.

So this chapter was introducing him, being pretty normal every day routine, dropping hints about his earlier involvement in the book, and set up the start of breaking free.

I sat down to write it, wondering what would happen. The concept seemed too short. My chapters are a bit short anyway (a characteristic of my style that I always find myself doing), being just under a couple thousand words a piece. But this one? It was pretty straight forward, with certain events and a vague understanding of what was going to happen in between.

But that’s part of the point here, with nanowrimo.

On, they have lots of encouraging talks, faqs, and general disclaimers about “You don’t have to write it good, you just have to write it!” and “don’t do the delete key.”

While they do have a point, that this month’s book writing is an exercise in focus, I have to say I’m not going to fall on the ‘endurance only’ side of the line.

I am happy with mine, and while I will have the book edited and probably work a bit with it afterward, I’m not writing just to get the word count. I really am happy with it.

Over all, it’s a good exercise. I’ve got one published book under my belt but haven’t done much book stuff aside from planning since then. And it’s been a few years. This is something different, and it’s in a much more open style. I’m not restricting myself to a certain thing, and have created a world that’s something of nexus. Like the drain in a bathtub, it’s clogged with otherworldly hairs and collected some good and some gunk from what sheds off during showers.

My only guide lines are that I have an idea of what I want to happen that I must stay on course for, and that the story must be cohesive.

I really enjoy making the absurd into something that makes sense, and even moreso- something that you care about.

And the short chapter that I mentioned earlier? It’s the longest of the book so far, and it is far from boring. :)

~Matt Booker

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