NaNoWriMo Captain’s Log: Day 7

Captain’s Log, November 7th, 2009.

I am writing this log early on this day, for the happy port we landed in the day before was full of buxom food and lusty couches, luring my merry crew in the gentle ease of lazy livin.

Bah! That’s for them’s that’s readers. Though I fell victim to the welcome arms of an early bedtime, today we must forge ahead with renewed exuberance, for momentum is easy when you’re in the thick of it, but building up to there’s a harder thing to do. Today I must not only write, but catch up beyond where I should’ve been, for truth to tell we were a bit behind on wordcount already, though at least we weren’t off course.

So today I must write! And write some more!

Right after we go tux shopping for the wedding.

~Matt Booker

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