NaNoWriMo Captain’s Log: Day 12

Captain’s Log, November 12th, 2009.

I apologize if these logs of late are getting short. But hey, they may be bland but the book is anything but!

So, maybe I should finally show you an excerpt. It doesn’t reveal too much in plot details, but it should give you an idea of what to expect in the style of it.


She said, “Come find me,” and he thought he heard an angel sing.

The room was dark, lit fitfully by flashes of occasional lightning, and surrounded by the sound of the cold rain streaked tapping panes of glass. James woke up calmly, his breath a little heavy but none the worse for wear. He didn’t muster musings of the human condition, or philosophic thoughts about how subconscious and the conscious dance a waltz where it’s accepted one can switch the lead at almost any time.

James just woke up.

But the residue of her remained. It clung to him, like the film of water from a bath when all the water’s drained but the body’s still relaxed, steaming warmth against the cooling air. She was on his tongue and in his hair, and though his waking mind had not yet registered the importance of that dream, it was soaking slowly in the sponge of him.

He looked at the clock. Red toned numbers quietly glowed 03:00 AM. He grunted, grimaced and rolled over. He closed his eyes and almost saw her.

“Damn it,” he spit the words into his pillow.

The rain continued.


Who is this woman that needs this man to come find her? What does it have to do with all those strange and wondrous plot points I’ve mentioned already?

You’ll see soon enough.  :)

Let me know what you think of it.

Also, this post and the contents therein are, as usual, copyright Matt Booker, all rights reserved.

~Matt Booker

19 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo Captain’s Log: Day 12

  1. In case anyone is wondering, this does contain a reference to the mario opera.

    Hey, I said ‘in case.’ At any rate now you know there’s such a thing as that.

    Hooray easter eggs.

    ~Matt Booker

  2. Does James get eaten by the mantis?

    (I rather enjoyed the read. There were some interesting instances of language. AND I WAS WONDERING. I wasn’t really.)


  3. ZOMG MARIO OPERA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    hee. Sorry. Had a phantagirl moment there.

    Soooo…. We’ve been chomping for some tasty plot details, trying to figure out how it fits together, and you excerpt a bit about a guy having a dream? Alright so it was very cool. :)

  4. It is especially amusing how you wax poetic and philosophic by talking about how James isn’t doing that.

  5. Well, I have given up.

    About a week ago, I lost everything I had written. I was at least a third of the way through the story, and around 25000 words. I just can’t get back into it now, even though I’ve tried.

  6. “James woke up calmly, his breath a little heavy but none the worse for wear.”

    This part I have an (OCD) issue with. His breath isn’t what’s none the worse for wear (is it?). I might rephrase it like “a little heavy-breathed” but that doesn’t sound too good. “James woke up calmly; his breath was a little heavy but he was none the worse for wear.” Maybe.

    Also, none the worse for wear doesn’t really make sense. No worse for the wear, perhaps.

    (“CDO.” “You mean OCD?” “No, I mean CDO. Arranged alphabetically, like it ought to be.”)

    Anyway, aside from THAT, I like it. Mysterious and imagery..y. Although I wouldn’t mind some zombies or man-eating bugs if you you feel like giving us another sneak peek. =P

  7. Ouch Monty, that sucks. Especially with that much done on it already.

    Bitter Cold, his breath is what’s none the worse for wear, not James. His breath was heavy, but otherwise it was okay. :)

    None the worse for wear is an accepted phrase. Maybe it’s regional? I’ve never thought ‘no worse for wear’ sounded good, and with my story how it sounds on the tongue is much more important to me than a gander at the grammar.

    As for the rest of it, see the next Captain’s log.

    ~Matt Booker

  8. Also, thanks very much for the constructive criticism, BC. As Luke will tell you, I’m a bit odd in that I really like it when people do that. I discuss, and I defend when I feel it’s necessary, but I also am pretty happy about it.

    So let it be known that you all can bring up points like that, and if you have problems with things then you should bring them up! :)

    ~Matt Booker

  9. Ah! Well in that case there’s no error, except in my perception of the meaning of the sentence.

    I get annoyed at old phrases that don’t make sense. It’s worse when they’re old sayings, actually. I’d say that you’re not referring to ALL the wear James’ breath has ever endured, but specifically the wear that just recently happened; in which case “the wear” helps the reader know you’re referring to *that* wear.

    I think.

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