The MOAR You Know – Christmas Ad

Welcome to a special Christmas edition of The MOAR You Know!

While browsing through a recent junk mail circular,  I found a particularly unsettling Christmas Ad. It’s a thing so disturbing, it may take multiple viewings to fully grasp the depth of it.

Are you ready?


Note the perspective, angled so that the boy appears to have tiny little legs and long gangly arms, propping up a head whose empty black gape is a hungry maw for the lowest prices of the season!

And the eyes! What is he even looking at?


If you look carefully, you’ll see they even tilted Optimus’s head to stare at it too!

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So, Merry Christmas everybody! And Happy Holidays to everyone else!

~Matt Booker

7 thoughts on “The MOAR You Know – Christmas Ad

  1. I feel that you’re much less of a Christmas time cynic than I am. Your post totally made me lol though. Or is this Walmart’s post? Yeah. I’m giving Walmart the credit for this. The DELIBERATE credit and everything.

    Merry Christmas, mate. ^>^

  2. I noticed that Optimus was mis-transformed before I saw what the kid was staring at. Oh well, I’ve seen worse pictures (Sunstreaker.)

    Happy holidays!

  3. No, no articulation, but it’s a bust–lack of articulation is pretty much the point.

    The articulation and cost are two very good reasons why I prefer action figures to statues… but when you’re gifted a life-size Iron Man with light-up eyes, you simply do not say no.

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