Let’s Get Ready To RUMBRAWL!

You may remember my K-mart ire about Leader Brawl’s desert version.

I acquired a one (for SIGNIFICANTLY less than $50) and was pretty happy with it. Deluxe is my favorite size, and it takes a lot for me to like a Leader Class mold.

Larger robots have to be pretty cool, or made up of five magical robot space lions, or something.

But Brawl? He would’ve been worth $50 (though  at some place other than K-mart. It’s the principle of the thing.) I collect mostly deluxe scale figures, so his size makes him pretty close to scale, he’s bristling with guns and pointy bits (He’s got sharp combs of doom on his boobs! His shins have swords!), and even though he stands like a fat guy (knees in, ankles out) he’s very nicely articulated.

His kibble is a bit restrictive, but honestly I can see that as a guy who loaded himself down with too much weapons and armor. He’s also got electronics that fire if you so much as look at them, but I just pretend it’s Brawl being angry because you looked at him.

Deep Desert Brawl is also the only Leader Class transformer to suffer the dreaded Allspark Blue.

But… I like it.

Yes. I like Allspark Blue. I like the clear blue plastic on his missile launchers, the splotches of blue on his shins (next to his swords!), and that same clear sapphire they used for his pretty pretty lightpiping.

So, now that we’ve got that out of the way, you’re probably wanting me to get to the point of the title of this post.

Silly reader, this is a MattBooker.info guide, so I’ll get around to that by Day 3 or so.

Okay, so I’ve got a couple of things to do to improve Brawl, but bearing in mind all the other stuff I’ve got going on at the moment (book writing, upcoming wedding) I’m going to forgo the usual guidestravaganza and give you a couple of one page guides.

That means no dick in the box jokes. But really, should a running gag be a marathon or a sprint? Or am I suffering from the Marvel \ DC problem (But the new readers, how will they know?!)?

I’ve even tied up Deadpool, and Brawl’s not exactly talkative.

So, my apologies, dear readers, but I wanted to give you something to prove I haven’t forgot about  all you transformers fans. And, if you’ve got any version of Leader Brawl, you’ll want to stick around and see the improvements.

(Also, if it turns out that some of you prefer this more straightforward guide approach, don’t worry! I’ll be back to bothering you when it’s not so busy. :D)

~Matt Booker

11 thoughts on “Let’s Get Ready To RUMBRAWL!

  1. No, seriously…

    I’m going to miss the dirty jokes on this one. I mean, all those phallic gun barrels and no Sunstreaker? No Norman showing up with whipped cream and a pineapple wondering why there’s no Deep “Dessert” Brawl? It ain’t right, I tells ya!

    “I’ve even tied up Deadpool, and Brawl’s not exactly talkative.”

    Hell, that’s a setup if I’ve ever seen one. And nothing? Who are you and why are you posting on Matt’s blog? I think I better let him know that not posting for a few weeks has gotten him a squatter. The REAL Matt will sic Rampage and his MURDER JOINTS on you!

    Finally, it’s a well-known fact that you can’t be your own FIRST!. It’s like sex that way. Unless you involve clones. Which… holy crap, this entry is being made by Matt’s evi–wait, good clone! Get out of here, Mike Booker! We don’t want your non-perverted and psychosis-free blog ramblings!


  2. But when I’m a famous author and esteemed readers of the New Yorker or Readers Digest or something like that find out about my high brow chainsaw literature, what will they think of my sordid toy blog?

    ~Matt Booker

  3. If the trend keeps up, they’ll think Matt should bind it up up and publish it as a book too!

    (you can’t fool me with those sunglasses, Mike!)

  4. Well, like I said, it’s more of a temporary thing than an experimental thing. If people REALLY like the short and to the point guides… Well, I’ll see what I can do.

    I’ve just been busy lately but I wanted to post something and its been a while since I’ve done a guide. :)

    ~Matt Booker

  5. You still have to finish that Animated Lugnut guide! And on Tfans you mentioned putting voyager Bulkhead’s hands on the leader version.

    Aren’t you getting ahead of yourself here?

  6. I bet that was Mike, promising things for Matt again.

    Mike’s the good one, but he’s kind of a jerk like that.

  7. Animated Lugnut… I’ll finish that eventually. Maybe.

    Bulkhead is still on the bench to be fixed.

    Hey look, Brawl!

    ~Matt Booker

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