Let’s Get Ready To RUMBRAWL! Part 2

If you look closely at this picture, you can see both the mods.

Deep Dessert Brawl





Pineapple is a very sophisticated fruit.

“I’d wonder if this is a new running gag, but I don’t think Norman has that reflex.”

I’m starting to wonder where he sleeps at night.

“Check Mr. Potato Head.”


.~Matt Booker

5 thoughts on “Let’s Get Ready To RUMBRAWL! Part 2

  1. Oh, I’m sure Norman has perfected the art of running while gagged.

    Welcome back, Matt! Funny how I never see you and Mike in the same place.

  2. I think someone should mention to ol’ Norman that Voltron is the Mech, Brawl is just going to find it… uncomfortable?

    Hang on, is he smiling? And what is Deadpool planning on doing with his thumb…

    It’s good to see some more mods here, my fingers have almost completely healed from the last one I tried

    Finally, at least it’s only Mr potatohead and not Optimash Prime. That would just be too geaky.

  3. What, like the back of a volkswagon?

    And I hadn’t thought about Optimash Prime… :)

    Esoteric, I’m glad my ‘subtle move away from dick in the box jokes’ went over well. :D

    ~Matt Booker

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