Let’s Get Ready To RUMBRAWL! Part 4

Welcome back to Part 4 and Step 2 of Let’s Get Ready To RUMBRAWL!

So, now that we’ve fixed his feet and he can stand properly, what’s the other problem with the mold?

On Brawl’s topmost turret he has a pair of light up missile racks. Or cannons. I think they’re missile racks. Either way, they  swing up and rotate around so they point over his shoulders in bot mode.  Considering the other two cannons and the smaller gun on that top turret just point straight up (which looks cool so that doesn’t bother me), it adds some extra firepower to his bot mode.

Sure, he can sword things with his shins, has claws,  wrist blades,  a quad cannon, a chaingun, what look to be little missile pods on his armpits,  rear norman, a hip mounted main tank gun, a chest claw, and bladed boob combs, but those over the shoulder missile racks are important too!

Plus, they light up.

But all is not awesome in over the shoulder rocketland. They swing up all the way, but thanks to HasTak being overzealous with their spring loaded automorph, they don’t hold their position. This causes the missile racks to slump down to where they just barely peek over his shoulders.


Here are a couple of side by side comparison shots, front and back. The cannon on Brawl’s right is the unmodded one while the one on his left has been fixed to stay in the proper position.




If that doesn’t bother you much, then don’t worry about today’s mod. The droopy missile racks are caused by a couple of springs, and to get to them you have to peel away every layer of Brawl’s backpack like a complicated onion.

Oh, it’s not really that bad in terms of complexity. Remove a bunch of screws and separate the parts, repeat, repeat, remove springs, reassemble. Where it gets tricky is keeping track of the screws and being careful not to damage the wires.

Still, it’s something that really bothered me about Brawl and I think the result is worth it. So, here’s a guide to get you step by step through the process.


Brawl Droopy Cannon Fix, Substep 1

Remove the battery cover and batteries.

In case you don’t know where it’s at, the battery cover is at the top of the backpack just behind his head. Remove the two screws and it should pop off.


Brawl Droopy Cannon Fix, Substep 2

Remove the backpack screws.

To do this you have to fold the backpack away from Brawl’s body just like you would during transformation. this will let you have better access to the backpack, and all the screws should be visible.


The ones colored red in that picture are the only ones you need to remove.


That should be a given for every step in today’s guide.


Brawl Droopy Cannon Fix, substep 3

Now that you have the screws out, carefully separate the backpack into two halves, but be careful with them as they are still linked by a couple of wires that run from the electronics to his back.

To actually make things more workable, we have to get the wires into a more movable position, so remove the two clips holding them down. They’re attached to screw posts so slide them up and off of there. All they do is hold the wires down, and once they’re up you’ll have more maneuverability. They’re colored red in the next picture.



Once you’ve got the wires out of the way, remove the screw they were hiding. It’s actually a little bit below where it’s circled in that picture, but it should be easy to find. Once it’s off of there, you can gently move the next cover, colored in blue in that picture. You can slide it down along the wires so it’s out of the way.


Brawl Droopy Cannon Fix, substep 4

The cover is a protective piece that makes sure you don’t have pieces misaligned when the top turret is rotated.



But really, that’s just a warning in that the pieces are fine if you keep the turret stationary. If you rotate it, it could push down on a spring loaded piece that then decides to ricochet out of Brawl and onto your carpet.


The piece that’s spring loaded is colored in pink, and the two screws you need to remove are colored in red.

In case you’re wondering, the wheel spins around when the top turret spins, causing that knob to press on each of the buttons off to the side, activating the lights and sounds. Once you’ve removed the screws, you can CAREFULLY pull the top turret back a bit to expose the screws enough for a screwdriver.



Brawl Droopy Cannon Fix, substep 5

Remove the lower part of the two top turret barrels. That sounds confusing, but I’m talking about the two barrels that stick up behind him in bot mode.

Each of those barrel pieces have a spring in them.


The spring pushes against the barrel piece, which causes that lower part to slide down and automorph into place for alt mode. This is not needed, and gives Brawl droopy cannons.

Even worse, it lets you move the cannons up to that position to show you what could be before it pushes them back down to sagtown. It’s like showing you candy and then having Norman put it down his thong.

Sure, it’s there if you want to use your hands, but it’s frustrating because there’s so much more to touch.

And by that, of course, I’d moved on from the metaphor and am talking about all the other action features that Brawl has.



Back on subject? Remove the springs and reassemble!

Is it worth it?


Honestly, it was much more scary doing this without help, thinking that if I screwed it up then I’d either have no electronics in my Brawl or have to find another one. That’s not good for a figure that’s been old product for a few years.

But having done the mod, it’s not really hard to do. Just a bit tricky, and there’s a lot of parts you have to go through to get to the part you need. You have a helpful guide to help, so as long as you’re careful it is very doable and very worth it.

Check the pictures at the start of this post again if you need to compare. Those two pictures are a front and back side by side comparison of before and after positions for this mod.

But really the best way to see if you should do the mod is to have the figure and see how much the droopy cannons annoy you.

In case any of you are wondering, with the spring out that automorph piece is now a manual slide. Those pieces aren’t loose, to the point where I shook it upside down in alt mode position and they didn’t slide down.

And so far as lack of automorph, those pieces only need to be slid down when transforming to alt mode. When you swing up the missile racks for bot mode the pieces slide up just like they did before.

That wraps up Let’s Get Ready To RUMBRAWL!

Overall, Leader Brawl is Leader Class done right. Even if you’re not a fan of big transformers (like me), he’s something you should think about. If there’s not a spot in your collection, he’ll be more than happy to make one.

~Matt Booker

4 thoughts on “Let’s Get Ready To RUMBRAWL! Part 4

  1. Ooh! WIRING IS FUN.

    I was actually hoping you would fix this. After fixing my friend’s Brawl’s feet, what annoyed me most was his ‘droopy’ back cannons.

    If I had just looked at these pictures, I’m not sure I would have done the mod.

    But holding it and getting frustrated at it, I wanted to rip the fuckers off after a while. I will do this mod for her and my friend thanks you! :D

    (Seriously, it’s like having a curl of hair that won’t go where you want it too nomatter how much hairspray you plaster it with. And it’s worse because it might sort of hold it there for a second but then it sags back down.)

  2. All done and now Brawl is more likely to smash things instead of me smashing brawl. No more frustrating droopy missile racks!

    Not as hard as I thought it was going to be, but getting that clip for the double wire was tricky because you have to juggle heavyass Brawl and the moderately hefty backpack in such a way as to keep the clip from popping off while it holds the wire in place.

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