The MOAR You Know – Animated Arcee

Animated Arcee owners have been reporting stress marks on her hands, and while most figured this was just because of a tight fit with the swords, people are starting to report the problem right out of the package.

My Arcee has this problem, even though the swords fit fine if you slide them in from the top (which I do). I even very very lightly shaved off some plastic from the handles, just to make it less stressful.

So did my Arcee have stressmarks right out of the box? I don’t know. I didn’t even look until Luke pointed it out.

Thankfully, it’s hardly a stress mark at all, and is just a faint discoloration at the base of her thumb.

So what’s the moar you know about Arcee about?

Animated Arcee has a tramp stamp.

Actually, that could explain those stress marks…


According to Derrick Wyatt, Eric Siebenaler designed Arcee’s vehicle mode, which could have included the position of the autobrand.

If Eric Siebenaler was a fan of this blog, I’d ask if he did it on purpose.

Of course, I’m not sure HasTak would like him to admit either of those two things.

(1, If it was on purpose. 2, That he was a fan of this blog.)

~Matt Booker

10 thoughts on “The MOAR You Know – Animated Arcee

  1. Rick is right above my heart, as he should be.

    @ Hiro: Burn? You are mistaken sir. Invocation of Rick Astley isn’t a burn, it’s an honor and a privilege!

  2. I need this toy. I take this post as indication that I should begin stalking Target for the next few months until I have this toy. Still waiting on Wreck-Gar. Silly Australia.

  3. @Esotreric Stalking Target will get you nowhere in terms of getting Arcee, as she’s a Toys ‘R’ Us exclusive. At least, on this side of the Pacific she is.

    And at least you have the hope of maybe getting Wreck-Gar in Australia. Sadly, he’s not coming to Canada.:( On the bright side though, neither is that Atomic Lugnut.

  4. After seeing that one online photo of her standing in front of Blackarachnia, I would definitely need to pick up this toy.

    If anything, she looks like she’s about the right size to be able to ride ROTF Arcee’s bike mode.

    Make of that what you will. :D

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