Onslaught Vs Optimus Prime

The angle of a picture can make all the difference in how it’s viewed.

Pictures are flat, and yet, they’re not. Once you figure this out, playing around with perspective can be very fun. Here’s the first part of an illustration of that.

Universe Onslaught Vs Classics Optimus Prime

Click the picture see the bigger version.

Onslaught is massive, towering over Optimus even while hunched, and dominates the picture with his imposing posing.

Meanwhile Ops is clearly the underdog here. He’s like Luke Skywalker vs Darth Vader or Connor MacLeod vs the Kirgan.

Next, a new perspective on the picture. Same pose, different angle.

~Matt Booker

4 thoughts on “Onslaught Vs Optimus Prime

  1. That is a very nice pose you’ve got Prime it. I like it. It helps that they’re both nice toys, of course :b

    I have to admit, I’m beginning to enjoy the search for your tag/watermark in any given image.

  2. Esoteric, I usually at least try to integrate it nicely into it rather than just plaster it on there. I figure if people hotlink the offsite images then at least I should get some advertising out of it. :D

    And, as the next post shows, Optimus is actually on his tiptoes, unsupported and pretty solid about it.

    And thanks! I’m glad you both enjoyed the image.

    ~Matt Booker

  3. Fie on yor “unsupported and pretty solid”! ‘Tis sorcery, sure as the sun shines in the mornin’! A pox on ye and yor black magic, sir! Ye’ll burn in the depths of ‘ades wit’ only Satan ‘imself fer comp’ny!

    …well… Satan an’ a few trillion other Godless ‘eathens from over the centuries… but ye’ll all be burnin’ together alone!

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