Optimus Prime Vs Onslaught

The angle of a picture can make all the difference in how it’s viewed.

Pictures are flat, and yet, they’re not. Today’s post is the same scene with the same poses as the previous one, but the angle of the picture has been changed.

Optimus Prime Vs Onslaught

Click the picture for the bigger version.

From this angle, Onslaught is no longer dominating the picture. Even though he’s still clearly crouched, it looks like he and Optimus are more evenly matched

By the way, Optimus is standing on his tiptoes, and rather solidly too. He’s close to the box, but not actually leaning on it.

Were these two posts just an excuse to show off a cool fight scene? Maybe! But there’s a lesson to be had here, in that pictures are flat, but not really.

Next time you take a picture of something, don’t be afraid to try out some different angles.

~Matt Booker

9 thoughts on “Optimus Prime Vs Onslaught

  1. Wow. That pose for Optimus is just great! And Onslaught too, actually.

    Interesting posts about picture taking. I really get tired of boring shots with a tf in a light box, which seem to be the majority of ones on places like tfw2005…

  2. Someone out of frame is a terrible shot; they kept missing Prime and left a whole heap of bullet-holes in that otherwise perfectly nice looking box.

  3. He’s got big rectangular toes and most of his weight is on his right leg, with that balanced on the toe. His left leg has only the inner corner of the toe touching.

    I could actually pick him up and put him down easily, so once you find the center of balance for him this should be pretty easy. You just have to find the right spot. :)

    ~Matt Booker

  4. “Next time you take a picture of something, don’t be afraid to try out some different angles.”

    I am officially afraid of future Sunstreaker photos.

    Though I’ve not actually taken any shots myself, I do enjoy playing with the posability of the more recent TF’s. I’ve got Recon Ironhide and Brawn in a “shoot-everything-to-all-heck” pose, and Brawn in particular is really good for “gun-fu” posing, what with his arms and excellent shoulder articulation (yeah, I know! Brawn’s shoulders!!!).

    I also managed a pose for 2007’s Bumblebee that looks like one of those “crouched for action” shots they did with the CG renders of the cast to promote the movie.

    And finally, ROTF Thrust had a pretty solid running and shooting pose, until I looked at him from the side and it looked like the idiot tripped on a rock while running. Like you say, the angle matters! :D

  5. Jon M makes an excellent point. In light of Matt’s display of photographic sorcery, we would be wise to be wary of future Sunstreaker appearances.

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