The MOAR You Know – RoC Flash

In recent years, GI Joe has really upped the ante for its toy lines, giving updated sculpts and improved articulation to a whole cast of nostalgic characters. I watched GI Joe as a kid, and though it was a far cry from the comics it was the cartoon and its outlandish plots that shaped what I remember of that franchise.

I’m not a huge fan, but I remember it. And that’s half the battle!

You know what I don’t remember? Anthony ‘Flash” Gambello.

Apparently he was a laser trooper, and one of the first few GI Joes, but that’s about it. Maybe he meant more in the toy line or the comics, but on the show being a laser trooper meant you were going to blend in. He really should’ve gone for something like ‘also knows football karate’ and worn a suit made of basketballs.

Wait, maybe that was in an episode…

So why the flashy post today? I usually collect robots, but I make exceptions for awesome stuff (like Deadpool, Ironman, armored up Cobra Commander [my favorite version], etc).

But GI Joe 25th Anniversary Flash? Too quilted plain.

Instead, I picked up the Rise of Cobra version of Flash. He’s decked out in florescent red and shiny black armor, and in the slightly less sci-fi continuity of the movie being a laser trooper actually means something.

Some people have complained about all the armor, though…


“Uh, Sir, what’s with all this armor on my upper body?”

“You’re using an experimental prototype. That’s in case it explodes.”

“… Not until I get a codpiece.”


Hawkeye is filling in for a SHIELD agent\GI Joe officer. The only other non-cobra GI Joe that I have is Snake Eyes, and there’s only so much you can do with interpretive dance.

For those who don’t know, Flash has a comically large piece of armor plate over his crotch. I took it off for that picture.

~Matt Booker

6 thoughts on “The MOAR You Know – RoC Flash

  1. There’s a “The MOAR You Know”/”Knowing is half the battle” Joke that you missed in here somewhere. “The MOAR you know is half the battle” or something like that… I know, you did them separately, but the combo joke is where it’s at.

  2. Well, Flash is wearing a bondage mask, so…

    Oh god. That “experimental prototype”… it’s not a laser rifle, is it?

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