Nursing Ratchet, Part 2

Welcome to part two of my guide on how to fix ROTF deluxe Ratchet. The first two steps are both designed to drastically improve Ratchet’s head articulation.

Today’s mod is the easier of the two, and pretty much a necessity if you want to get dynamic poses out of your Ratchet.

Step 1 – ROTF Ratchet Head Mod – Rotation Fix

First, lets give Ratchet some side action.



And by that, I mean horizontal rotation.



(Sorry, Streaker.)

I gotta be more careful with my colorful descriptions. (And where I put my screwdriver.)


To fix rotf Ratchet’s head rotation, all you have to do is cut off the high collar on either side of his head. This is both easy and obvious, but there’s lot of people on message boards complaining  about his head articulation and not doing anything about it.

If you’re worried about the appearance, have a look at the pictures in the guide this week. Once his collar is gone, you’ll be too busy getting awesome head movement out of Ratchet to notice.


Remove the screw from the back of Ratchet’s head and then pull the head apart into two pieces. From there, you should have easy access to cut the collar.

Here’s a handy picture, with the parts to cut off colored in red.


Notice that you don’t have to cut off the entirety of the collar, just down to about even with the V at the base of his ball joint.

That’s an important point to mention because I like the aesthetic of having a little more detail there. I think it would look a bit too plain otherwise.

As for cutting, I’d recommend using flush cutters to chop off the bulk of it and then using a razor blade to finish up the details.

When you’re done, it should look like this.



At this point, you can reattach Ratchet’s head and he’ll be able to look side to side without any problems.

While you have the head off, I’d highly recommend you take some time to add silver details to the face.

I still haven’t got around to figuring out how to paint, so I took a metallic silver sharpie. It’s much more susceptible to rubbing off than Sunstreaker properly sealed paint, but I don’t think his face is going to see a whole lot of wear.

Either way, the difference is dramatic.


The one on the left looks bigger because it’s the whole head, not just the front piece.

On the plus side, if you don’t paint your Ratchet he’ll have one heck of a mustache!


If you’d like your Ratchet to have even more head articulation, leave it off and come back tomorrow for part 2 and step 3 of my ROTF deluxe Ratchet mod fix guide!

~Matt Booker

5 thoughts on “Nursing Ratchet, Part 2

  1. Talk about lumps of unpainted plastic. The walrustache isn’t even worth it in comparison.

    Will be doing this to my Ratchet.

  2. Actually, I wouldn’t mind mustache Ratchet so much. I can just imagine him talking with Jamie Hyneman’s voice.

    “See, now there’s your problem!” :D

  3. My Ratchet sounds like Wilford Brimley.

    be honest, how many of you imagined Ratchet saying “Diabetes” or “Quaker oatmeal” just then?

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