Nursing Ratchet, Part 3

Welcome back to part 3 and step 2 of my mod fix guide for ROTF deluxe Ratchet.  If you’ve been following along, you should have a Ratchet with full side to side head movement.

Today’s step gives him the ability to tilt his head back. That may not sound like much, but it adds new depth to his head articulation’s range of motion and really ups his expressive ability.

This step is more involved than yesterday’s mod, but it’s worth the effort.

Step 2 – Ratchet Head Mod – Look Up Fix

For this mod all that’s going to be altered is the back half of Ratchet’s head.

For starters, we need to cut a notch in the base of it, so the shaft of the ball joint…

*looks around*

Hmm. I figured that was the perfect opening for a Sunstreaker joke. ‘Shaft’ is pretty much his idiom.

As I was saying, first you need to cut a notch in the base of it, so the shaft of the ball joint has room to tilt back.

Here is a picture of the inside of the back half, illustrating the cut.


Be careful when you cut this, as you don’t want it to warp or  to cut too far into the cup part of the joint. I used a pair of flush cuttings to cut out a bit and then took a sharp blade to carve out the rest.

You don’t have to cut all the way back, as the shaft isn’t going to tilt back completely, but it’s much easier to make the cuts this way.


Now that there is room for the shaft to fit, we need to cut away plastic from the lower back of the head. This enables it to clear the base of the ball joint when tilting back.

Here’s a picture!


The red area represents what to cut off, and the blue gives you a rough idea of where the ball joint is.

(This picture does not have any representation for the notch you made for the shaft to tilt.)

The red area is cut at an angle because we want to keep the plastic just below the head of the shaft. That plastic forms the base of the cup, and helps keep the ball joint tight.

After you’ve cut the piece, it should look something like this.



“Ah, at last I can tilt my head conducive to communicative expression.”


“And with the methods I’ve acquired today, I can also give my compatriots better head.”

Maybe you should rephrase that…

“Rest assured, my vocality is adequate at a glance to the vernacular.”


“Why hello Sunstreaker. Do you have any head based inhibitions that you’d like me to probe?”

“The…” *sniff* *sniff* “The goblin’s pheromones indicate that he wants to mate with- Why are you two leering at me?!”


Well, at least he doesn’t have to worry about clinic visits.

Come back tomorrow after I’ve found the lysol, for Nursing Ratchet Part 4 and Step 3!

~Matt Booker

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