Nursing Ratchet, Part 5

Welcome back to part 5 of my guide on how to fix your ROTF deluxe Ratchet! Today’s step is an easy one, not being a mod so much as a better transformation. Still, it’s a simple thing that people overlook and it fixes a very annoying problem with Ratchet.


Before we get started on today’s step, I want to address something that many of you might have a gripe with, but that’s not in the guide.

Ratchet’s hip kibble.

Well, I had thought about fixing it, maybe adding a swivel or a ball joint, but honestly it doesn’t really bother me as bad as I thought it would. Causing it to swivel up is just going to clutter up his already over kibbled back and also get in the way of his arms.

And honestly, I kind of like them.

I would’ve preferred they integrate his legs into parts of the vehicle instead of just having his back and hips form the shell of his alt mode’s rear end, but it could’ve been worse.



Step 4 – Fix Floppy Backpack

The bumper and roof of Ratchet’s vehicle mode folds up to become a backpack. This isn’t too bad, as that’s a traditional place for transformer kibble to go. The problem comes in when it starts to flop down every time he moves.

The fix is pretty simple, and it makes the backpack look more integrated and less like his alt mode’s ass end accordioned up into a square.

All you have to do is fold the tailgate section down to the alt mode position. This causes it to rest against his waist and prop up the backpack.

Here’s a picture, with the official transformation on the left and the better transformation on the right.



It may not seem like much, but if you’ve got a Ratchet, chances are you’ve been annoyed by the floppy backpack and this will completely fix that.


Today’s step was a bit on the easy side, so I’ll take the extra space to address another issue. I’m not making this a step in the guide because my Ratchet doesn’t have the problem (and neither does Luke’s), but apparently it’s widespread.

Bonus Section – ROTF Ratchet Gun Fix

Does your Ratchet’s gun pop off? If it does, it’s more than likely because of spring variances in the gearing of his arm, and you’ve got a stiffer spring than should be.

Not to worry, lots of people have answered this problem already. I’m not sure who originally came up with it, but the solution is just to ‘spring’ the springs a bit. Bend them farther than they should and keep them that way for a while.

The best guide I’ve found on the problem is over at Ozformers. Take a look.

In case that link goes down, it’s just folding up the two automorph pieces and wrapping a twist tie around them so they stay in that position for a few days.

Apart from that? You could probably thicken up the plug for his wrist with some nail polish.

Come back on Monday for a more involved step in Nursing Ratchet Part 6, rotf Ratchet head flap fix!

~Matt Booker

11 thoughts on “Nursing Ratchet, Part 5

  1. Damn it, Booker! Your mod guides make otherwise non-essential buys into must-haves! I ran out and bought Ratchet just so I could make these changes.

  2. Ooooh, fresh meat.

    Whose turn is it to haze the new guy?
    I kid. We don’t haze here. Not since that one guy.

    Never did find all the pieces.

  3. Y’know, there’s an alternate way to transform the shoulder kibble that I think looks better, as it covers the ball joint and makes Ratchet look much more armored. All it is is flipping the doors around so they face the front. I think it works quite well, as it also keeps the kibble from bumping into his torso and adds more color.

  4. What Valkyrie is that?!??!!! I thought about getting a revoltech but I have heard they have issues with the wings falling off and just being crappy in general. More importantly, they didn’t have Milia in Revoltech.

    I’ve seen that around, John. The kibble was a bit more manageable but I really like the tires on top, just not hasbros way of on top. Looked cool though you should take a picture.

  5. That’s not a revoltech? Its about the right size. I think the revoltech ones have wings that fall off though. In all the video reviews that i have seen it does at least.

    Milia from Robotech? did she even have a robotech valkyrie?

    By the way this guide has been really funny!


  6. There are too Revoltech Valkyrie types:

    The non transforming one which is quite stable.

    The transforming one which doesn’t hold together for shit.

  7. Grenadier, thanks! Stick around and comment more.

    Luke, what about Manfredi and Johnson? If only they’d had opposable thumbs!

    John, kind of like what Jin Saotome did with Swindle? It looks cool, but I like the tires on top.

    As for the Valkyrie, it’s not a knockoff or a revoltech. It’s a Macross 1/100 VF-1J from Toynami. It costs about $20 and is about the size of a deluxe figure. It’s a bit fragile compared to a transformer, but not nearly as frail as one of the transformable revoltechs (and the parts don’t fall off.)

    It comes with a kick ass display stand that can be modified with different balljoints, it has several hands, missiles, missile pods, a rifle, and attachable landing gear.

    The one thing that bugged me was that it’s technically a parts former. The hands don’t fold up into the forearms, but they’re pretty hidden in jet mode, and the blast shield has to be swapped for the cockpit canopy when you put it into battroid mode.

    I didn’t care about the blast shield, so I just leave it in the box and shaved off the tab on the chest piece so it would sit flat against the canopy in battroid mode.

    It’s also very poseable.

    So, if you’re wondering about whether to get this or a transforming revoltech, don’t get the revoltech! Too many video reviews of them has ‘whoops, the wing fell off. Again.’ and the Toynami version is pretty solid.

    Again, not solid by Transformer standards, but solid enough it’s not going to easily break or make you feel scared about transforming it. Especially not at $20.

    If you just want the battroid mode, go with the revoltech non-transforming version. It’s probably a bit more poseable and like John said, pretty stable.

    ~Matt Booker

  8. Thanks, Matt.

    This isn’t the first of your mods I’ve done. The HA Skids mod also prompted me to buy a Transformer I normally wouldn’t (thankfully my roommate sold me his for $15!).

  9. The bi-pedal Hummer! Able to traverse any terrain for up to FIVE YEARS!

    Satisfaction guaranteed!

    (cue Junkions) “OR YOUR MONEY BACK!!!”

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