Nursing Ratchet, Part 6

Welcome back to  my guide on how to fix Revenge of the Fallen deluxe Ratchet. Today’s mod takes care of the tab behind Ratchet’s head in bot mode.

I thought about keeping it for a while, and even picturing it as an extra armor plate. It’s cool that way, but it’s even better now that it can fold away for non hostile situations.

Lets get started with the step 5 and turn Ratchet’s head tab into a head flap.


Step 5 – Head Tab Fix

The tab is actually all set up to rotate out of the way, but what keeps it from doing so is the windshield. Ratchet’s alt mode windshield is actually attached in between the tab’s two connection points, and then further clipped onto the tab’s underside.

First, you’ll want to kind of half transform Ratchet,  specifically the part where his head and arms are folded out and spun around. I’m not going to take a picture of this, because it’s fiddly and you just need to put it in a position that’s out of the way enough for you to fold the chest down without his head sticking up.

The reason you don’t want his head in the way is because you also want to fold the tab down. This will pop the windshield up from the frame, and gives enough room for us to start modding it.

Here’s a picture!


See the part I’ve colored red? That’s where you want to start cutting.

Examine it carefully. The point of this is to get the windshield detached without marring it. You actually want to cut it off even with the bottom of the red area, but I colored the entirety of the three prongs red because you’ll want to shave those off to be decently smooth to avoid clearance issues. (That’ll make more sense in a bit.)

How to go about this though? First, I took a pair of flush cutters with the flat side facing up towards the windshield and snipped across the bottom of that red area.



After that, I scored it a bit with a sharp blade and got it to the point where I could just carefully bend it to snap the windshield off.

Once that’s done, take a sharp blade and clean up the excess plastic, making both areas where it was attached into a smoother surface.

It doesn’t have to be exactly smooth, but it should have the excessive chunks removed.



Next you’ll want to shave a very thin layer off the base of the tab. This is to give it just a bit more clearance when you fold it back against the windshield. If you don’t, it’ll make a popping noise as it rubs against the plastic when the mod is done.

Use a very sharp blade for this! The sharper the blade, the easier the cut and the less stress discolorations you’ll have. This is why I prefer razor blades over an xacto and is general advice anytime you’re doing cleanup or making delicate cuts on plastic.

You only want to shave off a very thin layer, and what that amounts to in alt mode is you’ll be missing the top of the left windshield wiper. Everything else is just a light bit off the hood and isn’t noticeable.

In fact, it’s hard to notice the windshield wiper is even missing unless you’re looking for it.



Remember, this is just shaving off a thin section from the top-back of the base of the tab. Sort of like lightly rounding off a corner. Making a ] into a \.

It’s hard to see even in person, so here’s a picture with the details enhanced.



You should put the windshield back in the frame and test out folding the tab back, making adjustments to how much you shave off until it folds back smoothly.


Next we just need to glue the windshield into the frame and wait for it to dry.

The windshield has several points of contact on the frame, and you should apply some glue to each of those areas in order to secure it.


I’ve colored the visible contacts red. I’ve also circled where the top two tabs of the windshield go, as it’s a good idea to apply glue there as well.

Go easy on the glue, and be careful with this step. I prefer a gel glue over a liquid, especially in situations like this. You want control more than coverage, as glue will fog up the window if you’re not careful.

Once the glue has set, you can fold that tab onto the top of the backpack.



If you’ve been following along with the guides, your fully fixed and modded rotf deluxe Ratchet should look like this!


Well, okay, minus the paint apps. :)


If you liked the guide, let me know!

“Now hold on a moment!”

What is it?

“You didn’t fix my excessive undercarriage proliferations!”

Well, no. If you go back and read the first post you’ll see that-



“Forgive my outburst, but there was accurate exuberance to the ejaculate. It…”

*sniff* *sniff*



“Hmm. I thought I smelled pineapple.”

Lets hope not. I’m out of lysol.

“Well, I was about to pontificate the necessity and ease at which my kibble might be improved.”

Without cutting the heel spurs off your feet?

“Indubitably! I dare say the readers should join us tomorrow wherein I’ll illustrate a step by step on just how to do so!”

I guess we could add another part to the guide.

“No guessticulars about it, as I’ve postpostedly postulated just such an announcement on a revision of the first part already!”

*checks part 1*

So you did.

Well then, dear readers, join us tomorrow for the last part of…

Is it?

“Should be, yes.”

Join us tomorrow for the actual last part of Nursing Ratchet, my mod fix guide on Revenge of the Fallen deluxe Ratchet!

~Matt Booker

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  1. I’ve been following along with all the mods so far and no problems. I’m on pins and needles for tomorrow!

  2. The silver paint apps really complete the look. I’ve been working on those all afternoon.

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