Nursing Ratchet, Part 7

Welcome back to my mod guide on how to fix rotf deluxe Ratchet! Today’s step is about fixing Ratchet’s alt mode kibble.

Ratchet comes packaged in alt mode, and actually looks pretty decent so far as representations go. But one of the first things you notice about it, to the point it just about smacks you in the face, is the kibble. It doesn’t look like it even rolls.

You know how most tf jets just look like a folded up robot if you look under their alt mode?

You can see parts of a folded up robot if you look at the side of Ratchet’s alt mode.

I think deluxe Ratchet can get away with his arms being a passing resemblance to some kind of vehicle kibble, but behind them are his feet.


His huge, huge feet.


Now, I don’t collect cars, so I can be forgiving on the alt modes if they have a good looking bot mode. Ratchet does, but that kibble is a bit too much.

Did the designer start out with a voyager in mind and then just not have room to make things fit when it became a deluxe?

I’m not saying this isn’t a good transformer, because I think it is, but something needs done about this.


Ratchet’s shoulders form the front sides of the vehicle mode, and the way they’re constructed there isn’t a way for the arms to fold up under there any better.

Thankfully, his arms aren’t that bad in alt mode. Movie Ironhide can do it, so can Ratchet.

But the feet? After opening Ratchet, that’s probably one of the first things you try. After all, maybe HasTak just didn’t transform it all the way!

They did. His feet are stuck that way in alt mode.

“”Balderdash! You know precisely well that’s a fabricative phrasery!”

Yes. It was a lead up.

“Well hop to it! A cursory glance at the average reader indicates a high chance of grasping the obvious, so cease the flowery foreplay and instructicate already.”


“Waffles are for breakfast, not blogs.”

Alright! Fine.


Step 6 – Ratchet Kibble Fix – Feet Transformations

You can reduce the undercarriage kibble significantly if you do something about the feet. Today’s step has three variations for this, each of which has a different result.

The first of the alt mode transformations  is the easiest, requiring no cutting.


Variation 1

No Cut Feet Mod!

The first thing that you have to do is swap the feet.

They’re on ball joints, so just pop em off and switch them.

After that, swing the feet around in alt mode so they’re facing the front and angle the toes up under the shoulders.


This configuration leaves a heel spur sticking out on each side, but it does reduce the kibble compared to just having his feet under the alt mode.


It’s quick and easy with no cutting.


This is actually the method that I’ve come to prefer on deluxe Ratchet. You can further reduce the kibble by moving his elbows closer together, and the feet can actually fit up under Ratchet a bit more than they look in the picture.



The next two variations require some modding, but if you’ve got a pair of flush cutters and a sharp blade it will only take a few minutes.


Ratchet Foot Mod

Ratchet has balljoint ankles, but they’re pretty much swivel joints. Lets give Ratchet’s feet some more articulation!

All you need to do is cut away the plastic at the back of the ankle to allow the ball joint’s shaft to angle more.  It’s just like what we did for his head back in Step 2, but moar ballerina.

Here’s a picture of a modded foot next to an unmodded one.


Notice that I’ve cut down into the cup of the balljoint, but not much, and left a rounded edge to the cut. Only go down as far as you need to, and only cut as wide as you need to for the shaft to pass through.

Go slow, and careful. You don’t want to bother the cup too much, but you do need to cut down enough into it for Ratchet to stand on tiptoe.

If any of you are are wondering about stability, this does not effect the ball joint. Ratchet’s feet are still tight and able to pull off some pretty extreme angled poses.

Again, just be careful about it. Ball joints normally have this much movement, so all you’re doing is putting Ratchet’s ankles up to par.


Variation 2

Now that Ratchet can point his chews, his feet can fold up even more in alt mode. This second variation almost completely hides his feet in alt mode.



How is this accomplished?

Here’s a handy picture!


Make sure that the feet are on the appropriate legs. You want the heel spurs that can fold to be on the outside of the foot in bot mode.

The feet are turned to the sides so the tops face inside and the toes rest just underneath the head. You have to turn the head to the side to get them to fit properly, and the feet rest at the base of the shoulder joints.

That is actually the reason why I don’t use this variation. It does hide the feet completely, but the arms can only go as they were intended by HasTak.

If you look at the underneath picture of the foot swap variation, you’ll see that I actually angle the arms much more inward than they are supposed to. I don’t even have the pegs sticking in the wrists, just resting on them.

That makes the arms less visable in alt mode.

With this variation, they stick out to the edge of the doors.

It very nearly gets rid of the feet kibble but it makes the arm kibble more obvious.


So what’s the variation that I do use?

Variation 3

This is the best out of all the variations because it lets the arms fold in while coming about halfway in between variations one and two in regards to how much foot kibble is showing.



Here’s a close up picture.



The heel spur is barely poking out, and has moved back and up from where it was on the foot swap mod.  The kibble has been drastically reduced, to the point where it’s well within my tolerances for an alt mode.

Again, make sure the feet are on the appropriate legs. For this variation, the feet need to be  so the folding spur is on the inside in reference to bot mode, and fold the feet up under the arms and head.


Also of note is that one foot sits slightly overlapped on the other.

Here’s a picture showing how the leg should be folded at the knee joint.


That’s also how the leg should be folded for all of the variations in today’s step, and angles up more than the official transformation to give the foot a bit more room.


One more quick comparison, just in case any of you still don’t think it’s worth it.




Thanks for reading the guide. If you have any questions feel free to ask, and if you liked the guide let me know with a comment!

~Matt Booker

18 thoughts on “Nursing Ratchet, Part 7

  1. A whole post full of “cups”, “balls”, “shaft”… and no Norman or ‘Streaker to be seen.

    Hell, I’m still waiting for the day that you introduce a foot fetish character, with all the modding you do in that area. Would have been perfect here, but no.

    From you I expect… er, would that be “better” or “worse”? I’m honestly unsure.

  2. My one regret regarding Ratchet is that this version is still pretty much a shellformer. If only more parts of the robot became parts of the vehicle instead of hiding inside the vehicle. It’s almost a step away from being a Pretender!

    In truth, that’s actually a minor gripe. I didn’t get the Voyager mold, but this one is a better consideration in my opinion, mods or not. I’ll not trust myself with the blade, but adding the silver is almost irresistable… once I get to buy him, that is.

    And since Ironhide was mentioned, what is up with the “official” photos of his deluxe version? His chest wasn’t even transformed completely!

  3. Luke, can’t you be content with content? :p

    And Jon, yeah, Ratchet’s upper body is the only thing that integrates with the vehicle mode, leaving his legs to hop inside the shell. That wouldn’t be that bad, but he’s got a lot of leg!

    Let me know if anybody ends up liking a variation.

    Even if you don’t want to cut the figure, swapping the feet is better than the way the instructions show.

    ~Matt Boooker

  4. I’m… confused. (Of course, I don’t have the toy yet, because I stood in Target for 10 minutes staring at THOSE FEET through the package.)

    Mod 1 says swap feet, no cut.
    Mod 2 says cut ankles, no swap.
    Mod 3 says…. swap feet, no cut? Isn’t that what we did for Mod 1? The text seems to say just angle the feet differently, so… why not just do that in the first place?

  5. Sorry about the confusion. There are three variations to the alt mode transformation that I have done.

    Variation 1 requires you to just swap the feet and angle them differently.

    The next two variations require the same mod where you cut the ankles, so I put it under it’s own heading.

    Variation 2 requires the folding heel spurs to be on the outside of the foot in relation to bot mode.

    Variation 3 requites the folding heel spurs to be on the inside of the foot in relation to bot mode.

    I’ll edit the spacing on the text in the guide. The part where I say the next two variations require a mod is a bit too close to the no cut mod.

    Hope that helps!

    ~Matt Booker

  6. That should be better. It would probably be less confusing if you had Ratchet in hand, but I appreciate the question.

    ~Matt Booker

  7. Aha! Ze goggles, zey DO zomezing!

    Thanks, for killing one of the 3 big problems I have with this mold. The other 2 are how busy he looks overall (and his forearms specifically), and the shade of green used.

  8. “Luke, can’t you be content with content? :p”

    No! It is my mission in life! I must always push you to write better, to blog harder, to joke dirtier, to grasp power beyond measure!

    I must bring you down to Earth, literally, to offer you a short, sharp lesson so that you rise again like some vast, predatory bird with power beyond measure! Can I do less?! I cannot, will not stop until it is over, finished! But all the dirty jobs, they never end!

    Worst case of indigestion, reap the whirlwind, sheeaaagh!, etc.

  9. Just got around to doing this. SOOOOOO much better!

    And yeah, the option you recommend is the best one.

  10. Swapped a couple pieces and added a couple others, completely changing the arms transformation; this gave more room for the feet to hide.

    I’m going to take more pics and make a video to post at TFW2005.

  11. Cool! I’d like to see what you did, so please leave a link in a comment when you get a post put up on TFW.

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