The MOAR You Know – ROTF Legends Soundwave

ROTF Legends Soundwave is actually a pretty cool little figure. The main thing it’s missing is a set of knees. The alt mode looks great in online pictures because HasTak doesn’t show you the massive chest kibble just kind of hanging out on the side, but honestly it’s not too bad.

But so far as I’m concerned, Soundwave’s got a beast mode!



It’s a cute three eyed cyber kitty!


(Yuki Oshima is the guy creepy pervert behind Kiss Players.)


~Matt Booker

9 thoughts on “The MOAR You Know – ROTF Legends Soundwave

  1. i was horribly disappointed by all soundwave figures from rotf to be honest. this one isn’t any exception.

  2. I wish I picked up the Deluxe version of Soundwave when he was still widely available. Finding out about how many alternate alt-modes (alt-alt-ala-modes?) people were creating with the versatile little guy really makes me regret passing him up.

    The only one I can find right now is the Nemesis blue version packed with Megatron and The Fallen, which would be a great pick-up, if not for the fact it’s in a collector’s shop and costs an arm and leg more than usual!

    *sob* (pets Soundkitteh…)

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