Deadpool Vs Storm Surge

It’s time for Deadpool Vs again! This feature features Deadpool fighting various people, things,  and maybe even places. Badassery ensues.

This post’s match up has Deadpool in a desperate struggle  against that triple changing terror, Storm Surge!

“Storm Surge?”

“More like Deadpool vs Bean Burrito.”

~Matt Booker

10 thoughts on “Deadpool Vs Storm Surge

  1. I hope it was worth the wait. I told you about the concept like a month ago, and had trouble not showing you the picture.

    ~Matt Booker

  2. DP, making a BM on the TF in the BR. Mastercard ain’t got shit on that. Waitaminnit…GROAN!!!!

    BTW, I’m BACK(again).

  3. Good to see you’re back, Bosch. Very funny.

    And thanks, Adam, TD, and legendhiro. :)

    ~Matt Booker

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