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If you’re a regular reader, chances are you’re probably a toy collector of some sort. If you have a collection, chances are you display it.

(Heck, even basement dwellers blaming hobbies for social exile probably even display their collections, if nothing else but to wrap themselves in stained plastic bliss.)

So how do you do it? Do you have shelves? Display cases? Floor piles?

I don’t have any shelves yet, but I have a few places like my computer area where I have things crowded onto available flat surfaces.

I also really like the idea of wall displays.

Some of you may even remember my post about Gambit, where I’ve got his base set up as a wall display.

Usually I have my ROTF Wheelie looking pathetic in a corner on the floor, but recently I added him to my Gambit wall display.

He was just going to be hanging off there, looking pathetic and dangling. He’s pretty good at that, and has a pretty tight grip. However, thanks to Ejector, he’s posed in a bit more of a ‘yelp’ than a ‘dangle.’


Nom nom nom.

On a desk across from them I’ve got a set up with Classics and Movie figures. If that sounds like too much of a visual discrepancy, I also have Mata Nui standing over there.

Above that and near the ceiling, I’ve got ROTF Soundwave in satellite mode. If you fold down the flap used to cover his bot mode face, you can use a nail to hang him like a picture frame.


It’s a wall opposite a doorway, so not only does he loom above my classics\movie display, he also greets the occasional visitor.


So does anybody else do anything interesting with wall displays?

~Matt Booker

18 thoughts on “Wall Displays

  1. I’ve mostly got shelves and a few appropriated spaces; I keep my Transformers on a bookshelf (ironically, I’ve ran out of space for all of my books) and I keep my X-Men on the top of my drawers. I keep a collection of “favourite” figures on the shelves above my computer desk and otherwise on my desk.

    I also have a Spectacular Spider-Man that has webbing that sticks to glass. I have the webbing on my window and Spider-Man on the glass :D

    Oh, and I’ve got a Galactus and a Unicron fighting over a globe of the Earth.

  2. Some of the marvel legends had really kicking displays! I used to have some r.i.d. spychangers driving up a wall. Just use a nail like you did with soundwave.

    And that Wheelie pose is funny and Ejector even more! :D

  3. I gotta agree with TD on this one, Adam. That Galactus vs Unicorn thing sounds great.

    TD, I never liked the Spychangers. They were too brickish. Sounds like an interesting thing, though. :)

    ~Matt Booker

  4. I have a small army of Legend class transformers blu-tacked on top of my computer, along with a wall-e. My gundam collection is in a display case along with a mismatch of Beast Wars, classic, and movie TFs’.
    Meanwhile Masterpiece Optimus, Unicron, Primus, Death Star Vader and Masterpiece Grimlock are on top of the cabinet, trying to form a rock band…
    Unfortunately Grimlock insists on eating the drum kit

  5. who here would like to see a life sized ejector, doctor and wheelie? they are in the right size class for it, and it would be kinda cool.

  6. My display simply cannot fit on a single bookshelf. It’s also composed of at least two half-assed dio-style displays that I probably won’t finish for another year or two, a couple of wall-mounted curio cases for the Legends, and something like 5 standing shelf units. I use the bottom shelves for storage (keeping boxes off the floor, as this is all in the basement) so they aren’t completely full of TFs… but I also only have something like 60% of the TFs I want…

  7. Most of my stuff is still packed up, but I have Gundams and some Transformers all over a tall bookshelf in my room and my dresser. As for wall displays, I have ML4 Punisher up on the wall with his awesome balcony base, a few Spider-Men climbing and hanging from things, and City Strike Snake Eyes using his grappling hook backpack… thing to hang on the side of the bookshelf.

  8. Unfortunately my collection has grown to the point I have to keep half packed while the other half is on display. However, the shelf said display is on is a measly portion of the entire bookshelf, so don’t assume my collection is THAT big! :D Nothing on the walls though.

    I keep a few figures with me at work to fiddle with when my mind goes blank.


    Sometimes, I have entire Unicron Singularities for blanks…

  9. I had two huge shelves I had set up specifically shelf by shelf. Alternators had one shelf, Animated had another, Classics had one for each faction and finally the Masterpiece chunks got the tops shelf. And they occasionally took a spill from about 6ft too(Big Time OUCH!). It was the various ones from th movie lines that was making me think “Damn, I either need more shelves or less plasti-crack in my life”.

    Currently about 75% of all of that is packed away due to moving but I do dig some out from time to time and repack others so I don’t get to missing them too much. Then there are the new acquisition’s as well to keep me filling up my small space I inhabit at this time. And may I say Bludgeon makes me all kinds of happy. Seriously, how kick ass is a tank that changes into a skull faced samurai kill bot??

    I did pick up several of the Marvel 3.75 figs to recreate the Avengers Vs. TF’s comic covers from a couple of years back. To bad I forgot to get pics before I had to break ’em down for packing. Hmmph!

  10. Nice sounding set ups, everyone. :)

    Jon, that headmaster is really cool. It kind of reminds me of MDK.

    Adam, very nice display. Though I sold off most of my Marvel Legends, if I’d had a Galactus and a Sentinel those would definitely have stayed, and given me reason not to have my Unicron in storage.

    ~Matt Booker

  11. Matt, I only wish I was able to take a picture of the slightly updated version! I posted instructions on that combination over at Tformers, and included a quick reference to your treatment of Rampage. I just altered Mindwipe’s arm transformation to give him… Murder Spikes!!!

    Adam, that pic just made me think of some dialogue:

    >”You take the Eastern Hemisphere, I’ll take the West.”
    >”Yum, sushi!!!”

  12. Mata Nui! =D

    My room is layed out really stragely, but anyway my Animated TFs are on the dresser and the Movie/ROTF ones are near my bed kinda, and my BIONICLE figures (those who are built) are on this table thing. The lighting out there sucks or I’d get you a picture.

    Wow, that makes me sound a lot like a basement dweller blaming hobbies for social exile. XD My old room is mostly destroyed due to water damage, so I live in this room that’s not meant to be a bedroom at all. And I talk to people! Really! I have friends! =P

  13. I don’t think it makes you sound like a Basement Dweller.

    *looks around at the tfs and other things scattered around my room*

    At least, I hope not.

    This post was mainly about a wall display that I’ve got. I’ll have a post with my other stuff later on.

    ~Matt Booker

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