The MOAR You Know – HFTD Deluxe Ironhide

I really like deluxe Ironhide.

The legs have more articulation than the voyager figure,  featuring no kibble between the legs so he can stand up straight and working ankles so he can stand straddle if need be.

The kibble is unobtrusive, with a nice panel folding up as armor on the back and it being minimal on the legs. His hood pieces don’t encapsulate his head, and the armor on the chest doesn’t jut out so far.

It’s nice that the head plate isn’t the same color as the head, and the head itself is on a balljoint. He doesn’t have a waist swivel, but has pretty much everything else so far as articulation goes.

Overall, I’d like to see these improvements implemented in a new voyager figure for TF3.

As it is, deluxe Ironhide does have some issues.  For instance, his forearms are proportionate but his upper arms have an elbow where the bicep should be.

Oh, and he’s short…


But that just makes him cute.

~Matt Booker

17 thoughts on “The MOAR You Know – HFTD Deluxe Ironhide

  1. Haha!

    In fairness, though, Battle Blades Bumblebee is really tall for a deluxe figure. He’s about as tall as voyager Ironhide.

    ~Matt Booker

  2. Although it doesn’t look like it, the way that BB’s squatting like he needs to “let out serious exhaust” in his packaging…

    Speaking of the Battle Blade part, got any steps for flipping that axe of his around?

  3. Oh yeah! That’d be a good thing to know how to do.

    Ironhide here doesn’t do it for me, too much grey and the elbows are waaht. Oh well, his Jungle Attack form looks neat though.

  4. How does Ironhide compare to Deluxe Ratchet & Battle Blades Voyager Prime? Is he closer to size accurate than the voyager toy and Leader Prime?

  5. I’m not going to do a guide on flipping the axe around, because there’s too many things you’d have to change about the way it works. It’s designed so that it fits that way.

    Like, lets say you flip the axe and remove the spring (probably using the twist tie method in the Rampage guide) so the ax doesn’t get floppy. Well, then you have to remove the screws from the forearm piece, hollow out where the screw holes are, and glue it back together. You’d also have to remove the trigger piece and glue the button in to retain the look of the arm guard, but the end result would be a working ax but a really hollow guard.

    And you can’t just chop bottom of the tube off, flip it and the ax around, and then glue it to the other part of the tube, because the ax is designed to fit around the inside of the forearm.

    So, I’m okay with Bee just using the ax with uppercuts.

    As for Ironhide, I’m still hoping they take some of the concepts of the deluxe and make a new voyager for TF3.

    Rahkshi79, Ironhide is not in scale with deluxe Ratchet cause he’s too short. They do look nice together, though. I don’t have the new voyager Prime yet, so I don’t know about that one.

    Battle Blades Bumblebee is way too tall for the new voyager Prime, though.

    I know that cause in robot mode he’s just about spot on in scale with ROTF Leader Prime. Bee should come up to just below Prime’s crotch and about to Ironhide’s chest.

    (In vehicle mode, Leader Prime is 1:30 and Bee is about 1:33, so he’s actually smaller, but closer in scale than the HA figures.)

    ~Matt Booker

  6. Haha, you say you won’t give us a guide and then you explain all the steps. =P

    Could one swap the forearm doodads? But then you’d lose the paint apps..

  7. not really a huge fan of the deluxe ironhide or even the deluxe ratchet. scale(ish-ness) is a bigger issue for me than it probably should be, seeing how i’m a tf fan ^_^

    besides, i don’t like the weapon drone.

  8. I think after reading the FIRST paragraph of what the axe procedure would have been like, I’m definitely not going to proceed with any plastic surgery on ‘Bee. He’ll just have to make due with the Hatchet Uppercut as a special move…

    …even better if he had a sound bite that had that move yelled out with a Japanese voice… :D

  9. Nice write up, Matt. I’m loving this little guy. Waaaay more screen accurate than the Voyager mold. I black Sharpied the sides and back of the feet that are exposed in alt mode, and he looks %100 better. I’ll post some pics over at TFINO when I can.

  10. That really helps hide the feet in alt mode, Piggy!

    John, I’ve got a Bludgeon guide that I have written up but will need a few days just to take pictures for. Other than that, nothing really new that I’ve found needs fixing.

    I’ll have a few posts coming up, though.

    ~Matt Booker

  11. Damn you and your lapse in OCD! You’re seriously putting a drag in an entire genre of my entertainment. Well, hopefully you’ll find some toys that are almost awesome sometime soon in the future.

  12. I know a lot of people dislike the axe on the BBBB, however the reason for the blade facing that direction is for bringing the blade accross the body in a sideways motion. Think about Wolverine’s claws and how he attacks, it is the same for this blade. If you swapped the blade around it would resemble a real axe like animated prime or an actual wood axe and wouldn’t be as useful for close combat mounted on his arm like that.

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