Action Pose – Drift vs Starscream

There are a lot of people that hate Drift, based on what he has or hasn’t done in the IDW comics. I haven’t read much of those, so I’m looking at Drift from a purely toy perspective.

Swords? Hip scabbards? Gigantic sword?

Yes please.

I like him quite a bit better than Blurr. While the mold is articulate, it’s not so great at running poses. Drift is more suited for battle stances, especially with the swords,  and he looks nice kicking, too.

Click the picture for the full version.


I’d say this picture is mixing lines, but Drift was in the movies the whole time.


~Matt Booker

10 thoughts on “Action Pose – Drift vs Starscream

  1. Thanks!

    And yeah, from the knee down the mold is not really poesable. That’s something Drift can get away with, but not Blurr.

    I do like the transformation on the legs, as well as the transformation in general. It’s different, and lends to some interesting kibble placement.

    Plus, swords. lol

    ~Matt Booker

  2. For a long time I couldn’t stand the placement of the hip sheathes, the arms kept bumping into them. Then I took the bracket off of his back that holds them on and flipped the struts around, allowing for a millimeter more clearance.

  3. It doesn’t seem to affect it in the least. The doors still peg into the legs just fine, the windows fit in properly and the shoulders stay in place quite well.

  4. I usually go for the swords more than guns anyday when it comes to my mecha, Transformers included. All that technology and you use kickass melee combat during battle? I’m sold!

    Question though? How’s his blades compare to the plastic they used for the Bludgeon mold? The bendiness was what turned me off from getting Bludgeon. :P

    And while I’m on the subject of swords, Classics Hound’s hands are the right size to hold Animated Megatron’s swords. And he holds them VERY well!

  5. Matt,

    I’ve been fiddling with Drift for a few days now, and I don’t like his inability to lower his shoulders. In your professional opinion, would removing the plastic underneath his vertical hinge do the trick, or would it cause some instability?

  6. John, sorry for the late reply. The swords are MUCH better than Bludgeon’s. Still rubbery, but much more like ‘stiff rubber’ than ‘moistened noodle.’

    Drift’s sword will eventually warp if held at an angle though. It’s slight, but it’s there. The small swords are soft, but they aren’t as long or as heavy so there’s little problem with them.

    And I usually pair up the deluxe Animated Megatron with the Leader’s swords. :)

    Phil, the nice thing about Hasbro’s stuff needing to pass things like drop tests is that it’s much more sturdy than specialty imports or collectors things like Toynami products. I say, unscrew it and take a look, cause chances are you could hack away at Drift and it’ll be fine.

    ~Matt Booker

  7. i’m not a fan of drift as much as blurr. i just like the blurr character better, and even though the mold isn’t perfect for blurr, i still think it looks pretty cool. but if you keep postin’ stuff like this, i might have to buy a drift anyway.

  8. Thanks!

    And the mold can actually do a decent running pose, but you have to mistransform one of Blurr’s feet to do it. Hobbes from TFINO brought up a good point, that he doesn’t care if the robot can run fast as he can just be a quick draw with his weapons and a very fast car.

    ~Matt Booker

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