Action Pose – Optimus and Roller

When I was a kid, instead of the original Optimus Prime toy I had the powermaster version. It was a mighty brick of a toy, with an Optimus that could combine with his trailer, but there was no Roller with the set.

So, outside of a few G1 episodes, I didn’t pay much attention to Optimus’s third component. And aside from some more recent comics, most Transformers series did too.

But when TFC came out with their Battle Rollar figure, I found myself intrigued with the concept. While fragility issues and a high price point kept me from buying one of those, Hasbro would eventually give me a better substitution.

WFC Optimus and Breacher Roller look really nice together.


HFtD Breacher is a nice scout figure that was intended to work with Seaspray, but his alt mode reminds me of an armored up and upgraded Roller. His bot mode reminds me of what Battle Rollar got me thinking about.

ROTF Leader Optimus Prime seems to be about the right size for him to be closer to G1 scale for Roller, but he looks nice with the new voyager as well as Classics and WFC too.

Yeah, an APC should be huge, but in my personal canon his alt mode is just a scout drone.  :)

I’ve seen lots of people talking about doing the same thing, but even if you just want him as Breacher he’s a well done figure. He’s got a complex transformation for a scout, five points for clippy weapons (like Recon Ironhide’s), is very poseable, and even though he has hollow feet they took the time to sculpt what look like jet exhausts into them. You can even store his cannon on his back for a jetpack look.

~Matt Booker

7 thoughts on “Action Pose – Optimus and Roller

  1. It depends on what context you have him in. Next to WFC Bumblebee he’s tiny.

    And I’m not going to leave Bee’s legs unextended, because his arms then become too long and his head is about twice the size of Optimus’s still.

    But by himself, by some scouts, or next to Megatron he looks great. And he’s got a complicated but not frustrating transformation with plenty of articulation, so while he would’ve had more presence as a voyager I can’t fault him for being a deluxe, which is my favorite size class anyway. :)

    ~Matt Booker

  2. The new voyager for movie Optimus Prime is about right for bot mode scale with Ironhide. Ratchet is a bit tall, though.

    ~Matt Booker

  3. Hi, long time reader, first time poster. That image with WFC Optimus Prime and Breacher made me want him now. He does make a perfect Roller.

  4. I’m rather interested in these recent releases of TF’s with figures intended to be matched together, like Mindwipe and Skystalker, and now with Seaspray and Breacher. I’d like to get the latter two just to see if I could combine them in some way like I did with Mindwipe and his “headmaster” drone, but just looking at the package, Seaspray doesn’t seem to lend much possibility for a alt-altmode.

    Breacher’s articulation could very well make him a very adaptable figure, and I’d probably prioritize him over Seaspray.

  5. Hello Bioformer. Thanks for the comment and reading the blog. :)

    Jon, I think you’re right about Seaspray not lending himself much for a fanmode, or at least a combination with Breacher. Breacher tucks nicely in Seaspray’s alt mode, but their aesthetics as bots are a bit different with Seaspray being more chunky and Breacher being almost jagged.

    Mindwipe and Skystalker had pretty similar styles and colors, so they went well together.

    Breacher’s transformation would also lend itself nicely to combination transformations, as his body folds out and extends for alt mode and there are a few panels that rotate and slide around.

    ~Matt Booker

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