The MOAR You Know – Movie Optimus Prime Scale

I don’t usually pay much attention to scale with my collection. For a transformers collector, that’s a very good thing.

I know people that have shelves just for planes and just for cars, people that obsess over vehicle mode scale, and people that want bot mode scale based on media appearance.

But me, I don’t have a problem putting Classics Starscream next to Classics Bluestreak, or Classics Galvatron next to Classics Optimus. I generally don’t mix aesthetics, so Animated is on its own but Classics and Movie lines can mix.

I still like Decepticons that are bigger than Autobots (Animated probably has something to do with this.), and I really like Jet Guy or Tank Guy being bigger than Car Guy. But, I’m not gonna stress over it.

I do like relative character height to be about right sometimes. For instance, I have the leader version of Bulkhead with my animated bots, cause it’s integral to his character to be big.  I also won’t be displaying BBBB with deluxe Ironhide.

BBBB, however, is about the right height for ROTF leader class Optimus Prime, coming up to about even with his crotch instead of just under it.

Because it’s hard to catch a good glimpse of them all in line for scale in the movie, I’m going by the scale chart from the production of ROTF.

Here’s an edited version with the four main bots standing next to each other.


However, Deluxe Ironhide is in scale with the new Hunt for the Decepticons voyager Battle Blades Optimus Prime (which shall henceforth be known on this blog as Voyager Leader Prime, cause he’s basically a distilled [and better] version of the leader class figure), and almost in scale with deluxe Ratchet.


If it weren’t for Ratchet’s gigantic feet, he’d actually be just barely shorter than Ironhide, and right in scale with both of them.

~Matt Booker

10 thoughts on “The MOAR You Know – Movie Optimus Prime Scale

  1. Scale angst is how people can tell you’re a TRUE FAN.

    So despite the blog, I’m afraid we’ll have to confiscate your membership card. You’re no longer allowed to like TFs until you properly stress out about them.

    The stress of not being allowed to like them does not apply toward the resolution of your fandom status.

  2. I picked up the new OP and really dig him. My only complaint about him is that it’s odd how a voyager class OP can come with the blades and the guns but the leader class cheaps out and only gives one or the other.

    Beyond that, I have my gripes with sizing like any other fan but I’ve long since dealt with it in various ways, denial and/or “Ah who cares” being the primary ones. Voyager OP does fit really nicely in scale with the Voyager Megatron too, I have them kicking the crap out of each other. It’s neat seeing Meg’s lobster claw trying to pick up Prime by the throat.

  3. The new voyager Prime is better (to a certain degree) than the older one, but in my eyes, the leader Prime is better.

    I never understood the whole scale issue when it comes to transformers, if all transformers were in scale to each other, Unicron would be about the size of a skyscraper.

  4. GBG, yep. I like the voyager better.

    I am a bit biased on smaller figures, but here’s a list of differences between the two.

    Voyager Leader Prime does have red plastic cast in ROTF Swerve’s color (kind of tomato colored) as opposed to the darker red of the leader version. The leader version also has a better transformation scheme for the hood parts on his arms, which actually fold up as opposed just sliding up like the voyager version’s. (The hood panels on the arms are really my main gripe here, as the red can and should be fixed by Hasbro. Takara got it right, but it’d be nice to see a deeper red and more paint apps.) The leader also has a cooler looking backpack.

    However! Voyager Leader Prime has several advantages over the leader. The voyager has distilled the leader’s transformation, improving it and making it simpler. As part of that transformation, the voyager doesn’t have the spring loaded flaps on the side of his legs like the leader does. The blades are painted and are positionable instead of spring loaded, making them get in the way less than on the leader. The voyager also has guns, that while aren’t that detailed, are still two more than the leader version has. The voyager also has a matrix. If you count the swords and the toolbox\steps in place of the flames, the amount of paint applications is about the same as on the leader. The voyager also has more articulation, and because the voyager is smaller it can actually use that articulation to pull off more poses.

    In addition to that, the voyager version has done a great job of miniaturizing one of the best leader class figures that HasTak has made. That in itself should be a plus, whether you want a small leader Prime or not.

    Just compare it to the first movie’s voyager Prime. That’s a big difference in complexity and design.

    So, there are pros and cons to both of them. For me, the voyager wins out. Again, my favorite scale is deluxe so I like smaller figures over larger ones. Leader Prime is in scale with a lot of the deluxes, but a mini Leader Prime is just awesome. I bought him figuring he’d be a stand alone figure, but it’s nice that he’s in scale with Ironhide and sort of Ratchet. Starscream is also a plus.

    It just REALLY needs released at retail with a darker red, gray plastic instead of bronze, and more flames.

    Luke, I am angsty over Ratchet’s feet. IS THAT NOT ENOUGH?

    Bosch, voyager Megatron is in storage at the moment and I hadn’t even thought about how he’d look with Prime. That sounds pretty cool.

    Bioformer, see my reasons above. :)

    ~Matt Booker

  5. I still like the leader version of Optimus better because it is imposing.

    But if they repaint the voyager better I will buy one! ^_^


  6. Question, do any of you know what “scale” Optimus Prime Voyager class is? By that I mean like 1/43rd..1/24th or whatever….

  7. That’s a bit tricky, since that Optimus isn’t based on a real truck. You can get definite measurements of the licensed movie toys, but with most classics figures you’re just comparing screw holes.

    Still, a friend of mine likes to calculate scale, and I’ve asked him your question. He’ll either post on here or I’ll get back to you if he knows.

    ~Matt Booker

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