Action Pose – Optimus vs Starscream

In the previous post, I mentioned my appreciation of Voyager Leader Prime (Hunt for the Decepticons voyager Battle Blades Optimus Prime) being in scale with deluxe Ironhide and almost in scale with deluxe Ratchet. I also mentioned that I like jet transformers being bigger than car transformers, and Decepticons being bigger than Autobots.

That brings us to today’s Action Pose.


That may not look like an action pose at first, but it conjurs up a lot of conjecture as to what comes next.

Yeah, in the movies Optimus is about the same height as Starscream, and just the other post I was complaining that Ratchet’s feet made him too tall for scale with deluxe Ironhide and voyager Optimus, but I really like the look of Starscream towering over a defiant Optimus. So here, ‘looks cool’ wins out over ‘looks accurate.’ :)

And for those interested, Voyager Leader Prime’s alt mode is pretty close in scale to Starscream’s.


Deluxe is my favorite size class, so having smaller (and better) versions of the bigger figures is great. HasTak has been using movie scout class figures for new characters, but it’d be nice if they bucked the trend long enough to give us a great Bumblebee and maybe a Jazz.

~Matt Booker

9 thoughts on “Action Pose – Optimus vs Starscream

  1. I definitely agree with the notion that Decepticons are better when they’re much bigger (and often more powerful) than the Autobots. In addition to Leader Starscream being more in scale with Prime’s altmode, I think he’s also the right size to go against Ratchet and Ironhide’s deluxe figures in a mock-up of the first movie’s battle.

    But before Hasbro gives us a good Scout Bumblebee and Jazz, I’d like them to make up for the horrible deluxe Jazz mold from the first movie line. The Human Alliance version is great, but they need to give Jazz the same treatment as Battle Blades Bumblebee in terms of toy quality (and poseablility!).

  2. i think i’m the only person who liked the movie deluxe jazz. granted i have the premium version, which might be better. i also have movie smokescreen which, aside from a minor plastic issue, is also a pretty nice figure. i do wish they had a bit more poseability i suppose.

  3. You’re not alone legendhiro, I like the Deluxe Jazz figure as well, his arms are the only thing I hate about the mold.
    Optimus Prime and Starscream in their vehicle modes look nice together.

  4. I never picked up the deluxe Jazz. It seems like it could be a nice figure, with a cool looking alt mode and interesting transformation, but I didn’t like the proportions (too short and too thick) and knew the hollow arms would really bother me.

    If they can scale down leader Prime into a voyager, they should be able to make HA Jazz a deluxe. HA has twice went back to characters from the first movie (not counting Bumblebee), but I still think it’s doubtful HasTak would make a deluxe movie Jazz anytime soon.

    I wouldn’t complain if they surprised me, though. :)

    ~Matt Booker

  5. Jazz didn’t suck hes cuuuute.

    just don’t look at his arms lol. He is chunky but it doesn’t look bad.

  6. To tell the truth, I actually liked the concept for Deluxe Jazz’s arm transformation– using the hood and the sides was actually a good idea for the figure.

    Unfortunately, I didn’t like the RESULT of the transformation. But it was a good try at the time. At least the transformation engineering has really been improving with each subsequent line, IMO.

  7. Not only does that make me want Voyager Prime more than I already did (which was quite a bit – I can’t find him!), but it makes me want Starscream period.

    Thanks alot, Matt. ~_~”

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