Action Pose – Sidearm Sideswipe

“Damn I’m good.” – Sideswipe

Nuff said?


Even though the instructions show the feet with the wheels on the outside, if you turn them around it not only looks better and puts the wheels in a better place for weight distribution, but you can fold in the front two blades and use the back pair like heel spurs.

If you do, Sideswipe still stands solid and looks more movie accurate.

~Matt Booker

10 thoughts on “Action Pose – Sidearm Sideswipe

  1. Ha, I’ve been racking my brains about how to achieve the exact same effect, always thought the stabilizers were rather distracting. Nice!

  2. One minor problem with this, though: I’ve started to see stress marks near the top of his feet, at the points where the plastic has to be forced past the heel detailing to get into the reversed position.

  3. Arhus, how is it that you’re transforming them?

    The feet only rotate one way (if the wheel is on the outside, it needs to be rotated towards the front and then in) because of the plastic on his ankle.

    There should be no force required for the stabilizing blades either. Once the wheels are on the inside just move the front blade back so that it’s hidden and leave the back blade out in its normal position.

    There should be no excessive force required for any of this. It’s not mentioned in the instructions, but it really seems intended for this. The plastic on the top of the foot is cut at an angle so that it can rotate past part of the ankle, the front blade is easily hidden, having the wheels on the inside puts them much more in line with the legs so it provides more stability, and the front of the foot matches the human alliance figure.

    ~Matt Booker

  4. Ya I have no clue how you would stress the plastic doing this unless you’re going the wrong way. Maybe yours has extra plastic?

    I did this with his feet when I transformed him. The instructions dont show it?


  5. One foot on mine was fine, but the other was a little tight. Excess flashing in the plastic ankle parts was there.

    Exacto fixed that fast! Arhus if that is your problem that will fix it.

  6. Thanks for the comments, guys. I’ve been turning it the exact same way that you described, Matt — towards the front and then inwards. The part that gets a bit stressed on my figure is the topmost bit of the “covering” above the rear stabilizing blade (when the wheels are positioned according to Hasbro’s instructions). When the wheel is turned towards the front, it is the only part that has to be physically pushed past the ” ankle” detailing.

  7. The part that’s kind of like a rectangle with an angled and rounded chunk cut out of it in the top corner on the same side as the wheel?

    Mine barely nudges that, and I think the angle cut into it is to get it to slide past, though with all the issues in qc for this mold, maybe yours has more than mine and the others that have mentioned it.

    Mach 5000, does that sound like what you’re talking about too?

    Either way, fixing that would be easy enough. Just cut off the rounded triangle from the top of the rectangle. With that piece gone, there won’t be anything left to rub and you’ll have a better looking Sideswipe.

    ~Matt Booker

  8. @Matt: Yep, that’s the exact part I’m talking about. I kinda figured it would be down to a difference in QC between our figures. Thanks for the fix once again!

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