Frenzy Rumble Scout Size Confirmed posted pictures this morning of both the prototype deluxe class Wheeljack and a picture of either Rumble or Frenzy.

Rumble and Frenzy are being sold by Takara as a two pack at the voyager price point, which would usually mean that both figures are deluxes, similar to Animated’s Jefire and Jetstorm.

Along that same line of reasoning, if the figures were scouts, they’d just be sold at the deluxe price point, like ROTF’s Skids and Mudflap as an ice cream truck.

However, Skids and Mudflap were actually smaller than most scout class figures, whereas Frenzy\Rumble appear to be on the bigger end of scout size.

How do I know this?

The picture clearly shows a 3mm peg on each arm.


Click the picture for the full version.


How can we be sure that those are 3mm pegs?

Scaling a picture of Frenzy\Rumble to a known scout based on the peg size only shows us that he is possibly scout size, but to prove that is a 3mm peg we scale a picture of a known deluxe using the peg size and then compare the two known figures to see if accurate size difference is achieved.

Basically we know how big Hubcap is and we know how big Straxus is. If we compare both of their 3mm pegs to Frenzy\Rumble and then compare them to each other, we can reasonably prove that it is a 3mm peg and Frenzy\Rumble is a scout.


Why am I posting this? Because I’ve seen people still arguing that these are deluxes. And cause I’d already made the picture.


Why are they being sold as a voyager in Japan?

Two normal sized scouts are a bit bigger than a deluxe, and Frenzy\Rumble look to be on the bigger size of scouts.  Small enough to sell by themselves, but hard to fit in a deluxe sized package.

Plus, Takara has a bigger market of collectors to cater to, so they can get away with the voyager price point.

The images for Hubcap and Straxus are from’s great galleries, and Frenzy\Rumble’s image is from

~Matt Booker

11 thoughts on “Frenzy Rumble Scout Size Confirmed

  1. He will be out of storage soon. He’s lovingly packed with Norman.

    3mm pegs are about the right size scale for minimates. But how to attach one…

    ~Matt Booker

  2. Thanks for the email, Matt. And thank you for providing with credit for the images you used. I really appreciate it. My galleries are a labor of love.

    Hope to see you on the forums. We could use some more well known members like yourself contributing to our established community.

    Take care and have a great day!

  3. Pity they won’t be released in the US…Rumble and Frenzy are two of my favorite characters.

  4. Still does nothing to ease the debate of red and blue… :D

    But I’d definitely like to get these guys when they come out. Though that would make me wish that WFC Soundwave was much larger…

  5. Seibertron, thanks for stopping by! I’ve been visiting your website regularly for years, just haven’t signed up for the forums. I’m trying not to get too involved with online social stuff while I’m working on my book, but I’ll stop by sometime. :)

    I’d still like to see a box set of these with “Rumble and Frenzy” and “Frenzy and Rumble” listed at different places on the box, but never showing which was which.

    ~Matt Booker

  6. People are still arguing about it? lol there are three 3mm bars that you can see on the figure.


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