PK Eiselt’s Junkyard Angels

Happy Halloween!

Today, we’re going to look at something a little less ‘transforming alien robots and how to fix them’ and more ‘biological zombie robots and how they fuck people up.”

Seemed appropriate for the day. :)

Junkyard Angels is a webcomic, though not your typical continuous day to day affair. Rather, it’s something self contained and with a definite arc, a beginning and an end. There’s a certain approachability in that, where you don’t have to worry about an artist losing interest or  a company cancelling things early, but that you’ll have a sense of closure in the end and there’s comfort in that.

That being said, comfort isn’t easy in this comic, as it is not for the squeamish. The story features people suffering from a technorganic plague, and the result is akin to Marvel’s Warlock by way of Howard Phillips Lovecraft.

The art is on the upper end of quality so far as web comics fare, though installments like Chapter 6 prove it can easily reach stunning and superb. Delightfully twisted when it needs to be, and endearing when it’s not, I’d still like to see more of the style from chapter 6.

Am I doing this bass ackwards? I haven’t even gotten to the description of the story yet, aside from the techno virus. Here’s the comic’s official description.

After the mysterious suicide of his boyfriend, a disabled teen with a prosthetic hand is thrown out of the world he loved by a synthetic virus that has begun corrupting and destroying all the people around him. Jason must now battle through a technological armageddon as he searches for the answers to stop the spread of the virus, save what’s left of the world, and maybe even rescue the boy he loves.

Still need convincing?  Junkyard Angels Badass Cover Art.

Aside from the story about a robot zombie apocalypse, that cover had me hooked. I read a few other web comics like Order of the Stick,  and Perry Bible Fellowship, but they’re fairly well known. I haven’t seen a lot of talk about this, and it’s different enough it deserves a look.

The navigation on the comic needs some work, with the earlier chapters not having updated links to the later ones, but you can find them all in updated links below the art on the cover page.

Very recommended!

~Matt Booker

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