Better Transformation – Human Alliance Leadfoot

Human Alliance Leadfoot is one of the best Human Alliance figures.

Yes. Really.

What’s that? You’ve heard a lot of people hate the figure and think it’s terrible? Or you’re one of those people?

WELL SCREW YOU THEN! Well perhaps there are some things you haven’t considered.

For instance, Leadfoot’s bio makes him out to be an expert at weapon design, constantly striving to build bigger and better dakka. Combine this with his stature and substantial girth- to say nothing of his epic beard -and you’re just a quick round of Personal Canon away from having the dwarven blacksmith of the TF world.

Well, now that I’ve satisfied you…





Okay, okay. This is the page for Human Alliance Leadfoot Better Transformation, so I should probably mention that. His botmode is why most of you hate him, I’d guess.



Kill it! Kill it with burning!

“You rang?”


Transformer VD jokes aside, most of you are probably aware that there’s a lot of ways to customize the figure because the kibble can be moved around so much. You can do whatever Human Alliance Leadfoot custom transformation you want.

Some of you probably hate the figure because of that, and find it frustrating that there’s no one good and definitive way to do it. Isn’t there someone out there with a step by step pictorial guide on how to custom transform Human Alliance Leadfoot into something that’s both close to on-screen accurate and not a gappy mess?


Alright, alright!

So, as this is a custom transformation and Human Alliance Leadfoot has been out for a while already now, I don’t claim that this is the first time this has been done. I did, however, purposefully not look at the custom transformations out there for the figure until after I’d bought it and come up with this. Since then, I have taken a look around and while I’ve seen a few that are close, so far it seems I’m the first to insist on a particular step, which I’ll mention when we come to it. If you’ve been doing that step too, leave a comment and let me know. :)

And so far as I’ve seen, this is also the only pictorial guide on how to transform Human Alliance Leadfoot into this better mode.

Instead of walking you through the transformation from car to robot (HA Leadfoot has an interesting transformation but it’s not FUUUUUU inducingly difficult, which is pretty standard for Human Alliance figures.), I’m just going to point out the key steps for better transformation into the custom robot mode.

Step 1

Leave the waist tab folded in.

The waist tab (colored pink in that picture) should stay snugly folded away.

Yes, this means his hips don’t lock into his torso. The joints should be stiff enough it stays mostly together when moving him around, and the sheer weight of his torso and gut will make sure it stays in place in most bot mode poses.

Try it out, and if you don’t like it, you can always use the tab.

However, the tab doesn’t lock in very well anyway, and not using it means you can get Human Alliance Leadfoot’s hips that much closer to his torso, which not only reduces gaps in the figure, but lets his gut dangle at a better angle.

And we all know that’s inversely proportionate to the heat of the meat.


Step 2

Back kibble.

The first thing to do is not to snap together the latch on the back kibble (colored pink in the picture), but instead to just have the catches sitting snugly against each other.

They’ll sit snugly, because you also need to make sure that the joint (colored blue in the picture) is folded around snugly, causing the back kibble to compact and sit higher up. (You can also fold out the pointy hood pieces, but I like to have them folded into the backpack.)

If for some reason your hinge is loose, it’ll be held in place by other parts in the next few steps.

The other thing to do with this step is to fold the part with the steering wheel and dashboard (colored green in the picture) up at an angle. Not too far, just push it up a bit until it touches the back of Leadfoot’s head.


Step 3

Do not fold the torso all the way forward.

This means it doesn’t lock into the tab (colored pink in the picture.)

Yes. More stuff not locking. Don’t worry, though. Not only should the hinge joint be tight enough to hold the position, but if for some reason yours is loose, it’ll be held in place by other parts in the next few steps.

Just fold the back of Human Alliance Leadfoot’s torso (colored blue in that picture) to about a 45 degree angle. It’s easiest to do this when the torso is all the way to the back of the slider.


Step 4

Slide the torso joint to the middle.

This picture again. Look carefully and you’ll see the torso is in the middle of the slider already.

When transforming it, you don’t actually have to look carefully for this, because when the torso is in the middle of the slider, it also happens to be where the roof of the car rests snugly up against the back of piece that folds over to connect the waist to the torso.

In that picture you can see how the piece that connects the waist to the torso (colored in blue) also sits snugly up against the joint for the roof kibble (colored in green). This helps to keep the torso in place.

This is also why the joint with the steering wheel and dashboard needed to be at a slight angle.


Step 4

Fold the doors up.

Fold the door section out a bit and then fold the doors up so they cover part of the torso. The joint colored green in the picture should have just enough clearance to sit next to the piece colored blue in the picture, positioned at an angle.

Doing this fills part of the gap between the gut and the torso, and also makes the figure closer to screen accurate. (The doors still sit up too high, but the appearance is well into acceptable range.)

The doors should also help keep Human Alliance Leadfoot’s torso in place.


Step 5


This is the step that so far I’ve not seen other people do, and it really helps in filling out the gap in Human Alliance Leadfoot’s gut.

Take the weapons used for the human alliance gimmick and swivel them around so they are on the outside of the joints.

Next, fold the hinge joints so they are in the position of the closest one shown in this picture. The one behind it is flipped out, to help show how the upper joint and the gun should be positioned.

Then just fold both of those gut panels in so that the crook of each gun joint rests against the inner torso,  with the top part of the guns resting against the red section where the doors are attached.

I usually fold the gut panels in slightly different positions, because in the movie all these panels were moving around when Leadfoot walked.

This is what it should look like so far.


Step 6

Next have the wheels folded back to the sides. I also fold the corners of the car up at a bit of an angle.

Then fold the front of the car up to form the rest of his gut. I also leave a bit of a gap between it and the gut panels.


And that’s my better transformation for Human Alliance Leadfoot.

Turning him from this:


Into this:


The hands and the wrists?

Those still suck, but not any worse than most Human Alliance figures. 


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~Matt Booker

12 thoughts on “Better Transformation – Human Alliance Leadfoot

  1. Totally worth the time. Looks so much better. Hasbro does some screwy things…. Real quick, the joints above the feet (don’t know whether to call them ankles or knees) on mine seem to be a little loose. I have to lean him ever so slightly forward, or they bend back and he collapses. Any ideas on that one? I mean, could I just glue them or do they need to bend for the transformation?

  2. I’m pretty sure those joints are used in the transformation to alt mode, but to be sure I’d have to get him out of the Steeljaw Vs Grimlock pose.

    Or look at the instructions. But that way lies madness.

    Not the crazy kind, but the throw it against the wall angry kind.

    As for tightening them up, they’re just pin joints so it should work just like tightening up a balljoint, with something like future floor polish.

    Do you know about that stuff? It’s put out by Pledge and will say something about it having a ‘future shine’ and there’s a lot of uses for it, from painting to tightening joints.

    I think you’d be able to use it to tighten a pin joint like this. However, since I’ve never used it for something like this and there’s probably someone in the Radicons section at TFW that has, I’d recommend you ask there. Start a thread or message Superquad7.

    ~Matt Booker

  3. Thanks, bro! I also just ordered a HA Skids from Crave, which I’ll definitely be modding as per your guide. Dunno if I’m gonna do the backpack. Not sure it matters enough to me for that amount of work, lol. But the door wing mod seems pretty easy, and like Leadfoot looks WAY better. Keep up the GREAT work!!!

  4. Glad you like it, TMan!

    Optimus117, glad you liked it as well!

    As for Skids’s backpack mod, I think it’s actually easier than the mod for the doors. I only did the door mod because so many people were complaining about them.

    The backpack mod makes a huge difference.

    The doors aren’t folded down in that picture in order to illustrate how much it changes him from a hollow ball to a much more solid robot.

    ~Matt Booker

  5. And how about turning him into this?

    Also, I like to fold his backpack like this, to give him a proper (and fat) ass:

    Here’s the points where the door’s parts should be cut to achieve that:
    It’s necessary to dremel into the piece that was cut in half, and insert a pin to turn it into an articulation. On the door itself, just cut enough plastic to allow it to turn down.
    The other modifications should be quite obvious.

    And here’s the result compared to the official render:

    By the way, I still haven’t gotten around to posting about the ROTF Ratchet mod. Editing videos takes a lot of time.

  6. Manoel, that does look really close to the render. :)

    Stop back by and post when you get that ROTF Ratchet mod done, too.

    ~Matt Booker

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