The MOAR You Know – How To Stand Sentinel Prime

You don’t.

Just shoot him in the face with Megatron’s shotgun.

Okay, okay. Some of you were commenting on the previous post about having trouble getting DOTM Leader Sentinel Prime to stand. There’s also been a bunch of people complaining about that over in the feedback thread on TFW and I actually posted the fix for that on there a while back.

Still, I figured I’d talk about it here since there are a lot of posts in the feedback thread.

DOTM Leader Sentinel Prime is a little backheavy, but it’s not too bad. Where he becomes hard to stand is if you don’t have his feet posed properly.

Sentinel stands on his toes and his heels, with the middle of his foot being off the ground.

Here’s a picture to illustrate.

As you can see, you’ll want the toes firmly on the ground, with the heel grinding on the right of freedom for all sentient beings.

That’s right, Sentinel. You know what you did.

~Matt Booker

5 thoughts on “The MOAR You Know – How To Stand Sentinel Prime

  1. I haven’t had any issues with him standing, unless you mean with the Autobots or the Decepticons.


  2. Great tip, IF I ever get Sentinel “Prime”, I’ll be sure to remember this tip.

    Also, good one Bosch.

  3. Actually, Some Sentinals i know have a buttcrack. I’m serious. Check yours. Apparently the ratchet in the leg is too heavy to the torso, so it forces the plastic every time you move the leg. Mine, unfortunately has a buttcrack too :(

  4. That’s not good. :(

    I don’t have Leader Sentinel anymore, but I figured the first things to start breaking on him would be the tabs that connect the arms to the torso in bot mode.

    ~Matt Booker

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