NaNoWriMo II: The Revenge – Day 1

NaNoWriMo, oh boy! That’s where I’m a Viking!

There’s a capital V for extra Viking.

Yes, readers, it’s that time again, the special time of the year where I join in with the fun over at for National Novel Writing Month. In 2009 I tried it for the first time, and that turned into a close to 150,000 word book about a guy with a cursed chainsaw, an amnesiac farmer, a dimensionally displaced and timelost starship captain, an alien barbarian, pen and paper rpg nerds, superheroes, a guy in a duck costume, aliens, an android, a humongous mecha, Alice, Wonderland, and a rogue god from another dimension and time and an eldritch abomination from beyond space and time.

If that sounds awesome, it’s actually better than it sounds.

All together, it took me about a year to write that book. Yeah, it’s been two years since I started it, but I had a few other things going on before I began writing full time. It’s pretty much edited (my friend Luke has experience with being an editor, so he’s going to take a look at it as well) and an artist friend of mine is getting ready to start on the cover and the illustrations. (Yes. Illustrations. You read that description- why would I not want pictures of those things?!)

CiW (you will find out the title eventually, don’t worry) took about a year to write, but it’s also two stories told at once and entwined so that I can’t just release it as two books.

I’m going to write at least two books a year now, and since this year’s almost up, NaNoWriMo should give me a good start on my second one. :)



What do you mean, ‘blog posts seem like procrastination’?




What do you mean you just said, “…” and I’m projecting?




I think you’re being a bit of a drama queen here. It’s-

“Matt! Matt! I just found the most amazing┬áhand puppet!”

"If I wiggle my fingers the eyes go all GOOGILY!!"

“Let’s put on a kids show!”


I’m going to go write now.


"Mission accomplished!"


~Matt Booker

4 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo II: The Revenge – Day 1

  1. I should mention that you should have done a day by day blog like last time.


  2. I was intending to, actually. But like I said in a more recent post, I have trouble switching gears between writing a story and writing a blog post.

    And writing a story is more important.

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