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Transformers Prime First Edition Bulkhead is often said to be the best of the FE figures, with great show accuracy, poseability, and a fun transformation.

He’s also going for several times retail on the secondary market.

PRID Powerizer Bulkhead should be much easier to get ahold of, but is the figure worth a retail release?




It has since been shown that PRID Bulkhead does have a balljointed head, so that part of this post should be ignored.

There is a funny bit with Deadpool, though.

“That’s me!”

And now that I’ve had a chance to look at both the PRID and the FE, I like the PRID version a lot more. I use it as Classics Bulkhead, and it’s one of my favorite TFs.



TFW member pingth posted a pictorial review of the PRID Powerizer Bulkhead, and you can take a look at that by clicking here. There are some great pictures in that post, and pingth makes a lot of good points about the figure.

I think Powerizer Bulkhead doesn’t really look like Prime Bulkhead. He’s just not show accurate. I do think that it looks like a nice version of Bulkhead as a character, and I’m considering picking it up for a Classics Bulkhead.

The problem is that while Bulkhead looks nice from the front (again, not show accurate, but still Bulkhead-ish), in pingth’s review there’s a picture of Bulkhead from the side… and Bulkhead is leaning so far back his head and shoulders are behind his feet.

Longtime readers will remember from my Classics Ironhide mod guide that I don’t like posture problems like that. Bulkhead is a human shaped robot (for the most part), and putting his head so far back looks like crap.

In fact, it seems like Bulkhead has a bit of Classics Ironhide’s problem, where if you straighten him up, he’d look down.

I asked pingth if Bulkhead could look up so he could stand up straight, and pingth responded:

“The head is not really on ball joint so you cannot make it look up but you can rotate it to the left or right (ie swivel motion). The entire head sculpt is connected to a translucent bit that forms the roof of the vehicle mode, if you make the head look up, this translucent bit will be in awkward position, making the figure looks mis-transformed.”

To show what I’m talking about with PRID Bulkhead’s posture, and to show what pingth is talking about with the translucent bit being in an awkward position, I did some image editing.

Click the image for the full version!

I removed the background from pingth’s picture, cleaned up the image, and then made another Bulkhead with the torso rotated, and then made another Bulkhead with the neck plate (the translucent bit) rotated up.

In pingth’s original picture, the head still wasn’t even with the ground, but it was close. I’m not a fan of how that looks.

However, with Bulkhead standing up straight, the figure looks a lot better. It just looks at the ground. I wouldn’t blame anyone for being okay with this. While I think Powerizer Pounderizer Bulkhead isn’t as cool as the First Edition, he’s not too bad.

But I know that Bulkhead constantly looking down would bother me.

“But Matt Booker, why don’t you just mod it?”

Mod Pounderizer Bulkhead to look up?

If you really wanted to do it, Bulkhead has a thick neck so you’d leave it alone and cut the head off and hollow it out enough to put a balljoint cup in it, then hollow the neck and put the post for a balljoint in there with the ball itself at the top of the neck, making sure it’s at the right height for the head to fit.

You’d also probably have to cut some from either the neck or the head in order to give clearance for the head to actually look up.

So, a pain in the ass.

As for that third Bulkhead in the picture, that’s him standing straight up with the neck plate rotated up to put the head level. It’s just an approximation, but I’m pretty sure that’s what pingth is talking about from looking at the images he/she posted in his/her review.

Actually, looking at that… I might have an idea how to fix that.

We’ll see when it hits retail. How ’bout that?

“Fine, Matt Booker. Fine.”

Who’s asking these questions anyway?

"I'm a cameo guest star!"

Shouldn’t you be talking in yellow text boxes?

“Shouldn’t you?


“Wanna put on another puppet show?”

Goodnight everybody!

~Matt Booker

4 thoughts on “Prime RID Powerizer Bulkhead Review Comments

  1. From the side, this just doesn’t seem to convey Bulkhead’s sheer girth very well at all. He only looks just slightly tubby…not to mention the backpack is kind of messy. Also, the head sculpt seems incredibly off somehow. But maybe you’re the guy who can make this toy work for people who want a Voyager Bulkhead yet (understandably) aren’t willing to drop the crazy secondary market prices on the First Edition.

  2. It’s been a month since I posted this, and since then people like Peaugh have reviewed it and shown that it has a balljointed neck, not just a swivel like the reviewer on TFW said.

    So, Bulkhead can actually look up. Which means my whole complaint about the posture is thankfully moot. :)

    I do agree with you about the backpack and the girth, though. It doesn’t much look like the Prime Bulkhead, because it’s just not fat enough. But I think it looks great as a Classics Bulkhead. :D

    ~Matt Booker

  3. I own this figure , I enjoy playing with it. Despite the inaccuracies, I like the robot modeand transformation.

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